The Drs: Homemade Food From Stranger’s Kitchen + Pregnancy Phobia


The Doctors: Fear Of Pregnancy

Melinda is a woman with a severe fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Her pregnancy phobia is so bad that even the sight of a pregnant woman can cause her to hyperventilate. Melinda actually found out that she’s pregnant herself and joined the show on the phone. Fear of pregnancy is called tokophobia, and Melinda explained that she actually lived most of her life never knowing there were treatments out there. Before, she could never imagine herself being pregnant but it’s clear she’s doing okay with it for now!

Reportedly, 8% of women have tokophobia, which is the morbid fear of childbirth or fear created after traumatic childbirth.


The Doctors: Herbal Supplement To Encourage Lucid Dreaming?

The Drs: Homemade Food From Stranger's Kitchen + Pregnancy Phobia

An app called Homemade allows users to buy food from a stranger’s kitchen, as a new way to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Would you use it? (theogeo / Flickr)


There’s a line of herbal supplements that claims to help people take control of their dreams. Sleep specialist Dr Raj Dasgupta explained that lucid dreaming is when you’re aware you’re dreaming in a dream. Dr Raj said really only about half of doctors believe the people who claim they’ve experienced it. If you’ve ever had a dream in which you thought “I must be dreaming,” you’ve experienced what Dr Raj called “entry-level lucid dreaming.”

As for the herbal remedy, Dr Raj explained that the medication would actually need to go straight to your brain but there’s no evidence of it breaking the brain-blood barrier. Basically, if you want to try lucid dreaming, see a therapist and try behavioral therapy as opposed to medication.

The Doctors: App Allows You To Sell Food Out Of Your Kitchen

Next, The Doctors shared news of a new app that lets you buy food from a stranger’s kitchen. The app out of New York is called Homemade and allows hobbyist cooks to sell food out of their home. Hundreds of cooks are selling to strangers through the app, but would you purchase a meal from a stranger’s kitchen? Nick, the creator of the app, joined the show via Skype. Nick explained that the app was inspired by grandma’s cooking, and cooks, once they’re approved, have the ability to make listings for different meals. Marketing campaigns are then sent out to mutual friends to purchase. Nick explained that the app actually isn’t about selling to strangers, but instead about building a community through food.

A woman named Jillian has been using the app and even catered events using Homemade chefs, so she’s a huge fan of it. How do you feel about the app?

The Doctors: Global Wellness Day

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that in 2012, Global Wellness Day was started with the slogan “One day can change your whole life.” Four years later, the One Day Event dedicated to healthy living is celebrated in 72 countries. On Saturday June 11, the purpose is to raise awareness about living well and increase motivation for the rest of the year. The success of Global Wellness Day has inspired Mandarin Oriental hotels around the world to offer guests free and unique activities.

The Doctors: Shark Attack Risk Summer 2016

Experts are now concerned that because of the booming shark population, the summer of 2016 could see the largest number of documented shark attacks in US history. To keep you and your family safe, avoid swimming at low-visibility times like dusk and dawn. Also, avoid wearing glaring jewelry. Be sure to check out this year’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, beginning June 26.


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