Drs: Homeless Shelter Banned Women + Dead For 12 Minutes


The Doctors: Elevation Masks For A Better Workout?

The Doctors kicked off their January 25 episode by welcoming actress Kristen Bellamy to aid in their discussion of hot health headlines. They first looked at one company’s elevation masks that gym-goers are wearing, claiming to cut the time spent training by 2/3. It’s supposed to simulate high altitude, by creating pulmonary resistance, strengthening your diaphragm, increasing lung capacity, decreasing workout time, and so much more! Dr Rachael Ross argued that the masks would likely just make breathing harder. If nothing else, the masks are somply creepy looking, so you’re truly better off trying something else and letting this trend slide by.


The Doctors: Women & Children Banned From Homeless Shelter

Drs: Homeless Shelter Banned Women + Dead For 12 Minutes

The Doctors heard from a man who was literally dead for 12 minutes until lifeguards brought him back to life right there on the beach. (snowpeak / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to share that there are more than 550,000 people who are homeless on any given night in the United States. Thousands sleep and eat at local shelters, but recently, one shelter in Kentucky recently turned away women and children because the shelter was “primarily driven by male patrons” and there was a problem with patrons engaging in inappropriate activities. The problem is that the next closest shelter was 30 miles away.


Dr Travis Stork shared that he knew quite a bit about homeless shelters because, working in the emergency department, he often had to discharge patients to homeless shelters. If he didn’t discharge patients by a certain time, they wouldn’t get there. Kristen chimed in saying that the specific people who were breaking the rules should be asked to leave, rather than banning an entire gender. Dr Stork said because this shelter was government-run, they could really do whatever they wanted.

What do you think was the right way for the homeless shelter to go about solving the problem?

The Doctors: Dead For 12 Minutes After Lightning Strike

Next, in a Doctors exclusive, the family of a man named Bob shared his incredible story. Megan, Bob’s daughter, shared that July 27 the day started out like any other day. Eric, Bob’s neighbor, said it was a typical day at the beach, and Emily, another daughter of Bob, said there were a few clouds in the sky but it didn’t look like it was going to storm. Bob took Emily out into the water when all of a sudden everyone heard a loud crack. Megan saw a huge lightning bolt hit and Chris, a lifeguard, thought it sounded like a bomb going off.

When Emily came-to after the strike, she was under the water. She started looking around and saw her dad floating on his back in the water, realizing something was wrong. She screamed for help and Chris sprinted to get Bob out of the water. Lifeguards repeated CPR over and over but Bob wasn’t breathing. Because of how long Bob hadn’t been breathing, the group began to realize that he was dead, but lifeguards continued to perform CPR, which led to Bob practically coming back to life. He walked out on set to join The Doctors.

The Doctors: Thankful To Be Alive After Struck By Lightning

Dr Bob Kilroy said he realized the importance of first-responders and CPR. Bob explained that he was wearing a wet suit which absorbed some of the shock from the lightning shock, but his feet weren’t covered so they’re still a little “numb and tingly.” He still swims and lifeguards with the L.A. county. Bob was actually dead on the beach for about 12 minutes, and credits his daughter Emily for saving his life. Emily was on the phone, sharing that she was given a great opportunity to help someone else in a way that is really special. Two of the lifeguards and first-responders that helped save Bob’s life were in the audience and they received loud applause.

Chris explained that if it seems like any storms are on their way, the L.A. county lifeguards will evacuate beaches completely to keep patrons safe.


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