Drs: Hair Dye Allergic Reaction + Kristin Cavallari Baby Formula

The Doctors: Self Defense Sports Bra

Joining The Doctors to take part in the discussion of hot health headlines was pediatrician Dr Tanya Altmann and breast specialist Dr Kristi Funk. They first learned more about a product created by Jennifer after she became the victim of an assault. She needed a dynamic way to protect herself from predators, so she developed a sports bra that has pocket in the front that is able to conceal pepper spray or a small pocket knife. Jennifer explained that she stores a particular knife in her sports bra because it won’t be nervously dropped. It goes on your finger and is light enough to allow you to continue to run with it.

The product was just released in April and costs $54.99. Do you think this bra sounds like a good idea? Do you plan on purchasing it?

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