Drs: Hair Dye Allergic Reaction + Kristin Cavallari Baby Formula


The Doctors: Self Defense Sports Bra

Joining The Doctors to take part in the discussion of hot health headlines was pediatrician Dr Tanya Altmann and breast specialist Dr Kristi Funk. They first learned more about a product created by Jennifer after she became the victim of an assault. She needed a dynamic way to protect herself from predators, so she developed a sports bra that has pocket in the front that is able to conceal pepper spray or a small pocket knife. Jennifer explained that she stores a particular knife in her sports bra because it won’t be nervously dropped. It goes on your finger and is light enough to allow you to continue to run with it.

The product was just released in April and costs $54.99. Do you think this bra sounds like a good idea? Do you plan on purchasing it?


The Doctors: Severe Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

Drs: Hair Dye Allergic Reaction + Kristin Cavallari Baby Formula

A routine salon visit ended in a trip to the emergency room, and the patient explained to The Doctors why what caused the severe reaction. (hernanpc / Flickr)


The Doctors then moved on to share the story of a Texan woman who visited the salon to change her hair color. She quickly started to realize that her face was swelling to beyond recognition and she was rushed to the hospital after having trouble breathing. Chemese eventually learned she had an allergic reaction specifically to PPD, which is an ingredient in a lot of dark-colored hair dye. She had a similar reaction in 2014, so when she recently visited the salon she explained that she was allergic to the ingredient, but was lied to. She was told the henna dye that was used on her hair was chemical-free and all natural, but it wasn’t.

Dr Travis Stork explained that this serves as yet another example of why it’s so important for people to follow along with whatever a customer tells them, particularly if it has to do with an allergy. Chemese explained that she sent the woman a detailed email that included all the pictures of her reaction, but she hasn’t heard from the colorist. She did share that she now carries an Epi-Pen with her wherever she goes.

What would you have done if you were in Chemese’s shoes? Do you think Chemese should have done things differently?

The Doctors: Kristin Cavallari Homemade Baby Formula Controversy

Switching gears, it was then reported that celebrity mom Kristin Cavallari recently received a bit of backlash because she chooses to use homemade baby formula that is made with goat’s milk. She explained that she uses the goat’s milk instead of what she called “the heavily processed store-bought formula that contains glucose syrup solids.”

Critics have argued that it was a dangerous idea. Pediatrician Dr Tanya Altmann stated that it wasn’t actually the goat’s milk that’s the problem, but the fact that she’s making her own baby formula.

Dr Altmann further explained that big companies make formula in big factories, but they’ve spent billions of dollars on research to find out the exact ratio we need of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that babies need. She stated that if you’re giving your baby formula over breast milk, it’s incredibly important that they’re getting the proper nutrition. Goat’s milk doesn’t have iron and folate and it’s incredibly challenging to make proper formula in your own kitchen.

How do you feel about a mom making her own baby formula?

The Doctors: Teachers Grading Parents?

Dr Travis Stork then explained that the state of Mississippi recently passed a bill that can expand a child’s report card in a big way. Teachers can now fill in an entire section where they fill in a grade for the parents. The legislation would include giving mom and dad grades on responsiveness, communication with teachers, the student’s completion of homework, readiness for tests, frequency of absences and tardiness.

Dr Kristi Funk immediately said it totally freaked her out because she’s gotten nothing but straight A’s since kindergarten but she’s a busy mom and can’t always answer every single email sent by her kids’ teachers. On the other hand, it’s more about being sure that parents are doing what is necessary to create an environment that allows their kids to learn and grow. But where do you stand? Would you want to be graded by your child’s teacher?


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