Drs: Gun Photo Banned From Yearbook + Diet Pills Horror Story


The Doctors: Gun-Wielding Photograph Banned From Yearbook

One student’s picture of choice for his high school yearbook has stirred up controversy after the school decided to ban the picture. The photograph shows the young man holding a gun, and the principal argued that he was following school rules. Josh’s father Charles is fighting for his son’s right to have the picture in the yearbook, saying it’s his son’s way of showing patriotism and doesn’t break any school rules. Josh said guns are a big hobby of his, so he wanted to express that in his yearbook. His parents are hoping to have the decision overturned.


Charles and Josh joined the show, explaining that he posted the picture on social media, wanting the community to talk about it. Dr Rachael Ross explained that from the outside looking in, people automatically think about school shootings and it sends the wrong message. Charlie argued that “rights aren’t based on popularity.” He said they were talking about a fear of something “that is just a tool” comparing the to prescriptions and the abuse of them. Dr Travis Stork is all for personal rights, but thought the picture seemed “tone deaf” because of what’s going on in our country currently, and said he respected the school’s decision.

Drs: Gun Photo Banned From Yearbook + Diet Pills Horror Story

You should think twice before you take another diet pill without consulting your doctor. One man’s story will explain why. (nathanmac87 / Flickr)

Do you agree with the picture being banned or do you think it should’ve been allowed in the yearbook?


The Doctors: Horrific Result From Taking Diet Pills

The Doctors then switched gears to share photos of a 25-year-old father in U.K. who accidentally overdosed on controversial diet pills called DNP. He took eight in one day to lose fat and gain muscle. Doctors had to cut part of his leg off because it literally died as a result of the pills, which raised his body temperature to 107 degrees. The man was put into a medically-induced coma. DNP is highly toxic and causes your body temperature to artificially rise which will obviously cause you to burn more calories, but not in a good way. If diet pills are being used, they should only be used under the direction of a doctor. Plus, you can’t use them in an additive effect, hoping that taking more than one will increase the side effects.

The Doctors: Toddler Tries Bacon For The First Time

Next, The Doctors shared an adorable video of a toddler tasting bacon for the first time. Easton was caught on tape eating the greasy treat, calling out bacon with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying it!

Adorable was the word of the day and you can use the word adorable on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System.

The Doctors: Chipotle E Coli Investigation Closed

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that the CDC has officially closed its investigation into the E. coli outbreak at Chipotle. The source of the 14-state illness is still unknown and may never be known. A spokesperson for Chipotle stated “We are pleased that the CDC has concluded its investigation, and we have offered our full cooperation throughout.”

On Monday February 8, Chipotle will close for several hours to review food handling and safety practices with all employees.

The Doctors: Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Scars

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has been outspoken about her choice to have breast reduction surgery because of severe pain. Winter told “People” magazine it’s the only cosmetic surgery she’ll have done. At the SAG awards, Winter wore a gown that left her scars in full view of the media, and tweeted that there was a reason she didn’t cover up her scars, adding that they’re a part of her and she’s not ashamed of them.

The Doctors: Vaping Leonardo DiCaprio VS American Lung Association

Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated for an Oscar for role in The Revenant. Now, the 41-year-old actor is taking heat from the American Lung Association for publicly vaping during a recent award show. The organization called his behavior “deeply troubling” saying that he was exposing others to second-hand dangers including cancer. According to a recent survey, vaping exceeded cigarette smoking among teens in the U.S..

The Doctors: Eat Vegetable Soup To Fight Colds

For his Prescription of the Day, Dr Travis Stork recommended a dish from his book, to prevent colds. He suggested eating vegetable soup because the garlic, carrots, and onions as well as broccoli and squash are loaded with vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. You can also make a large batch and heat it up for a quick meal!


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