The Drs: Grieving Mother Shares Obese Son’s Cautionary Tale


The Drs: Obese Man’s Cautionary Tale

The Drs: Grieving Mother Shares Obese Son's Cautionary Tale

A mother sat down with The Doctors to share the cautionary tale her son wanted to share after struggling obesity throughout his life. (Studio_G /

The Doctors shared that obesity can be a lifelong struggle, and that was the case for Hector Jr. He had a powerful message for anyone who has ever been ridiculed for their weight and those who are fighting for their life and their health.


In a video, Hector shared that he was a knight in shining armor, he just didn’t have the armor because they don’t make it in his size. When he was in elementary school, all the kids treated him like an outcast, and he was so busy defending himself that he learned it was better to keep to himself. He said people just knew him as being overweight, but didn’t have a clue who he was.

He was 48 years old and confined to a chair, unable to participate in life, which was hard for him. He never had kids or got married, knowing that he would’ve been a great father. He said in the video that he’s a cautionary tale and he hopes that the cautionary tale doesn’t end in his death.

On December 8, 2014 Hector walked from his chair to answer the front door, a distance of 40 feet, and as soon as he opened the door he collapsed. His last words were “Mama, I can’t breathe.”


The Drs: Mother Sharing Son’s Warning

Hector’s mother Alayna bravely joined The Doctors and said that Hector wanted to help people who are obese, to let them know they are loved, and to not give up. Hector actually wrote a children’s book, Ronnie the Rhino and the Grumpy Old Elephant. The rhino has a horn in the wrong place, and the message is that if you’re not normal, it’s okay.

Alayna said the day her son passed away, she had been in the hospital for a week was released on December 8. She didn’t tell him she was coming home because she wanted to surprise him. When she got home, she didn’t have her keys and her husband was in the bathroom, so Hector had to get up and open the door for her. He had COPD and collapsed in the recliner, unable to breathe, and within two minutes he was gone.

The Drs: Mother Honoring Son’s Health Wishes

Alayna said more than anything she hopes Hector didn’t suffer, “because he suffered his whole life.” Alayna said she’s honoring her son by taking care of herself, and has already lost 16 pounds. She said to everyone who is overweight or obese, take it one day at a time. She said it’s a habit of eating more than what you should and eating the wrong foods. Dr Travis Stork said Hector was a special young man, he then wanted to give Alayna some tools to honor her promise to get healthy.

They set her up with Fit Therapy of Texas, a weight loss facility in her hometown that will help her along her journey to get healthy. She’ll also get regular grief counseling as a well as a nutritional coach and fitness trainer. Dr Stork said you can want to lose weight, but if you don’t know how, then your chances are diminished. They wanted to give Alayna the tools free of charge.


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