The Doctors: Chemical-Resistant Bed Bugs

It’s estimated that Americans spent more than $400 million in 2015 to get rid of bed bugs. Now, a new study has confirmed that some bed bugs have become resistant to some insecticides. New researched published in the Journal of Medical Entomology reported that bed bugs have developed a tolerance for the chemicals used to kill them. Professional exterminator Nick Isaac explained that the products consumers are buying at stores aren’t as toxic as what exterminators use. That means when you use those products, you’re giving the bed bugs small enough doses to allow them to build up immunity. The chances of getting rid of bed bugs increase dramatically if you call a professional.

Bed bugs typically attack overnight. If you bring bed bugs home, they will hide in the seams of your mattress or the cracks in your floor board, until suddenly you have an infestation. You don’t have to get rid of your items. If you spot bed bugs, you should first call a licensed professional. If you remove a mattress or other item, you’ll only spread the bugs throughout your house as you move it out the door. If you notice painless, itchy welts somewhere on your body when you wake up, it could be a sign that you have bed bugs.

Drs: Getting Rid Of Resistant Bed Bugs + Anti-Aging Celeb Secrets

The Doctors shared news of chemical-resistant bed bugs and what it means for how you can get rid of them if your home has been infested. (michaelaulia / Flickr)

The Doctors: Coyotes Eating Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Next, The Doctors reported that coyotes in California have reportedly begun attacking cars and some scientists say it’s because they’re eating hallucinogenic mushrooms that are known to grow in the area. Usually, coyotes want nothing to do with humans, which makes it even more alarming that they’re staring into headlines and even lunging at cars. If you come across a coyote, make noise and appear as large as you can to scare it off.

The Doctors: Celebrity Beauty Treatments For Glowing, Youthful Skin

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity manages to look so flawless on the red carpet? Shalini Vadhera, a celebrity beauty expert, joined the show to share a few of her favorite techniques. Shalini first showed the Halo laser which can give your damaged skin a healthy glow. The laser targets top and lower levels of the skin to treat acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles and costs $1,300.

There’s also the self-peel facial, which is a great way to use microdermabrasian on the body, not just the face. Tina Fey and the Olsen twins love this treatment. The diamond-tip technology removes dead, dry skin and infuses the skin with serum. Dr Ordon pointed out that many women want to address areas like their chest and arms, to help them match their face in terms of anti-aging. It costs $175 and the before and after pictures show dramatic results.

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