Drs: Friends With Your Doctor On Facebook? + Dust & Weight Loss

The Doctors: Should You Befriend Your Doctor On Facebook?

The Doctors welcomed veterinarian Courtney Campbell to the show and then explained that when it comes to Facebook, it’s always nice to make a new friend. But should you ever send a friend request your doctor or your patient? Dr Jennifer Ashton said she felt that it depended on the specialty. Dr Travis Stork said it can become problematic, while Dr Campbell said 75% of the people who are using the internet, are on social media, so it’s obviously here to say. He believes social media will be integrated into a patient-doctor relationship, so it’s up the hospital to create a policy.


Dr Ashton said she’s friends with a lot of her patients on social media, and she likes that it makes things a little more personal. Dr Stork wondered if it would still be appropriate if she was a male OB/GYN. As he said, it’s certainly a blurred line and is more of a case-by-case basis. To each their own!

Drs: Friends With Your Doctor On Facebook? + Dust & Weight Loss

Are you friends with your doctor on Facebook? The Doctors weighed in on where they stand in the debate. (marcopako / Flickr)


The Doctors: Dust Prevents Weight Loss?

Dr Stork then moved on to share that if you’re struggling to lose extra weight, it could be because of dust. Yes, you read that correctly. New research published in Environmental Science and Technology links dust to weight gain. They found that dust ca trigger a receptor in the body to store fat. There’s a fat-growing hormone that can be found in human tissue. The main point to remember is that weight loss is multi-factorial and isn’t all about willpower. It also doesn’t mean if you dust, all of the sudden you’ll lose weight.

Invest in a good HEPA vacuum to help take care of the dust in your home. If you have pets, bathe them regularly to reduce dander, but don’t bathe them too often or it can dry out their skin. Once every three weeks is great, but if you need to wash your pets more often, be sure to use conditioner to keep the skin from drying out.

The Doctors: Shocking Viral Video

The Doctors then turned to their “Shock File” to reveal the video that had everyone in their office squirming and hiding their faces in horror. The video is pretty graphic, but naturally everyone still wanted to see it. Apparently the video was too shocking to show on live TV, and it was even bad enough to have Dr Ashton hiding behind her desk. They explained that the video was of a maggot being removed from a woman’s lip, which is gross enough without even having seen the video!


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