Drs: Frankenstein Face + Cameraman Survived Heart Attack


The Doctors: What Is Frankenstein Face?

Are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirror? A woman named Mary Ellen explained that about eight years ago, her husband became ill and was in the hospital for six months. When he came home, he needed a lot of care, so Mary Ellen had to take care of him while still working full-time, so she quickly became run down. Her appearance became very gaunt, with a prominant forehead and hollow temples. She changed her hair style to try to cover it up, and while she discussed Botox, she never addressed her temples. When she asked her plastic surgeon about it, he referenced “Frankenstein face.”


The good news is that he believed he could fix her Frankenstein face with fillers, and let Mary Ellen get her confidence back. Dr Mitchell Chasin explained that it’s actually a common problem among aging people who often look more and more hollow in the temples, especially if they’re losing weight. He was in the procedure room with Mary Ellen to give her the fillers right there on the show. The Doctors would check back in with Mary Ellen later in the show.

Drs: Frankenstein Face + Cameraman Survived Heart Attack

The Doctors were surprised to learn more about why one of their camermen credits the show for helping him survive a heart attack. (bz3rk / Flickr)


The Doctors: Filler For Hollow Temples

When The Doctors checked in on Mary Ellen later in the show, she was looking a nd feel a whole lot better! The shape of her face seemed to be transformed, and the filler made her eyes and eyebrows “pop” and open up. A lot of times the temples can be forgotten about, but Mary Ellen was certainly glad she gave them the attention they needed!

The Doctors: Cameraman Shared Heart Attack Story

Dr Travis Stork then explained to viewers that his producers told him they were in for a surprise, but he had no idea what they were even referencing. All he was told, was to roll the tape. The taped segment began with a man named Joe explaining that he operates a specialty camera on The Doctors. He’s been with the crew for eight years and loves coming home to his wife every day to share what he learned on the show. One of the topics that was frequently discussed on the show was heart attacks and the various symptoms that people can get. He never imagined it would happen to him because he’s relatively young an in great shape.

The Doctors: Man Credits Show For Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms

On a Sunday morning he was playing tennis when he suddenly felt the worst heartburn he had ever felt in his life. He took four antacids but it was only getting worse. As he was driving home, he began feeling pain in his arm and neck. Because of The Doctors he knew he was better playing it safe by going straight to the hospital. Doctors ran every test possible including ultrasounds and chest x-rays, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally, when they got the results back from his blood test, they knew they needed to get him an immediate angiogram.

That angiogram revealed that one of Joe’s arteries was 95% blocked. They had to put a stent on one side and perform an angioplasty on the other side. The surgery was, thankfully, a success! Joe admitted that it was a complete eye-openeer, because a heart attack can truly happy to anyone. A colleague of his actually passed away from a heart attack and Joe believes that Don found a way to reach out to Joe to make sure he made it through his heart attack. People kept telling Joe to take time off, but he couldn’t, because The Doctors is home and he wanted to be where he felt like he belonged.

The Doctors: Camerman Back At Work After Heart Attack

Joe was already back just a week later, and when the camera panned to him, The Doctors welcomed him to come down and join them. As he made his way down, Dr Stork explained that every 40 seconds an American dies from cardiovascular disease. It’s the number one cause of death for men and women. That’s why it’s so important to know that if something doesn’t feel right and you’re worried, it’s always better to get it checked out. Ignoring a major heart attack could quickly lead to cardiac arrest. Joe’s one downfall is smoking, which easily could’ve led to the heart attack. The good news is that he hasn’t had a cigarette since his heart attack, but admitted that he’s having a hard time with it.

There’s a fine line between life and death after a heart attack, so Joe saved his own life by listening to his own body and going to get help. Joe was brought to tears expressing how happy he is to be a part of the team at The Doctors.


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