Drs: Food-Tracker Device Shames Bad Habits + Stop Procrastination

The Doctors: Necklace Tracks Everything You Eat

Are you wearing a fitness tracker right now? There’s a good chance you have one on your wrist right now. But would you wear a necklace that tracks every single bite of food you swallow. Scientists are creating a library that catalogs the unique sounds of the foods we eat and then the creators are pairing the library with a food tracker necklace complete with a microphone that is then sent to a smartphone via Bluetooth, to tell you exactly what you’ve eaten. The necklace reportedly may suggest healthier eating.


Attorney Areva Martin chimed in saying that she didn’t want to be shamed every time she put a piece of food in her mouth. Dr Travis Stork knows that food can be medicine or poison, but shaming only makes things worse, not better. Everyone should have a positive relationship with food if they want to take care of their health.

Drs: Food-Tracker Device Shames Bad Habits + Stop Procrastination

A company is creating a food-tracking necklace that will track every single bite you take, and then suggest healthier eating if necessary. (joshua / Flickr)

Would you wear a necklace like this, even if it shamed you for poor eating habits?


The Doctors: App Uses Profanity To Fight Procrastination

Are you guilty of procrastinating on something because of social media or the internet in general? If so, you’re certainly not alone. There’s an app that will provide a not-so-polite warning that you’re wasting time and need to get back to work. If you spend too much time online shopping or browsing social media, this app could help. Those who spend too much time on social media actually have higher rates of depression and anxiety. While profanity may not be necessary, it could work for some people.

The Doctors: Corrective Surgery After Botched Procedure

On a past episode of the show, The Doctors introduced Angie, a woman who wanted to treat herself to plastic surgery after reaching dramatic weight loss goals. Instead, a botched procedure left her with immense pain. The plastic surgeon Angie saw left her with chronic pain, severe scarring, and damaged self esteem after removing too much skin. She saw Dr Andrew Ordon, who reviewed her case, referred her to Dr F Matthew Smith who offered to perform the corrective surgery for free.

Angie and Dr Smith joined the show and shared that she can now wash her own hair and hug her son for the first time in two years. She’s close to completely pain-free which is remarkable. Dr Smith put Angie through some initial physical therapy before performing surgery to reduce her scarring and take care of the pain that was ruining her life. He had to remove the skin graft from her arm without damaging the nerves underneath.


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