Drs: Flu Epidemic + Bruce Jenner Photoshopped InTouch Cover


The Drs: Flu Epidemic + Ineffective Vaccine?

Drs: Flu Epidemic + Bruce Jenner Photoshopped InTouch Cover

The Doctors talked about the photoshopped InTouch Magazine cover of Bruce Jenner. (Allen Berezovsky / Shutterstock.com)

The Doctors shared that a lot of people got the flu vaccine, and now it’s been revealed that the virus has mutated and there’s one particular strain H3N2 for which the vaccine isn’t as effective. What really concerns The Doctors is that the flu virus has spread to 46 states and the CDC is predicting that this could be the worst flu season since 2008.


Dr Rachael Ross said she’s not in the clinic as much as she used to be but she’s already had two patients with the flu who had the vaccine. Dr Drew Ordon said they try to do their best by picking which strains of the virus will be most prevalent that year, but the virus can mutate. Dr Ross said if you happen to come down with the flu and can’t get to your doctor, at least give them a call because they can prescribe medication that can shorten the duration of the flu. That’s particularly important for young children, older people, and pregnant women who are the most at risk.

If you have the flu, don’t try to go to work or school. Stay home and rest and know that just getting the vaccine once doesn’t mean you’re “good to go.” You should get the vaccine every year.


The Drs: Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman?

The Doctors then completely switched gears and shared the cover of In Touch Magazine that shows a photoshopped image of Bruce Jenner with the headline “My Life As a Woman.” The magazine talks about the alleged transformation Bruce is going through to become a transgender woman, with alleged being the key word.

Inside the magazine it reads, “Multiple sources and insiders familiar with the situation revealed exclusively to In Touch what Bruce wants to look like when his transformation is complete, and that knowledge was used to recreate the cover photo.”

Dr Ross said if it’s true that he is wanting to become a woman, then she is happy for him because to release the energy and finally be what you want to be is relieving. Dr Ordon said he sees patients in his office who undergo surgery to change genders, but said that’s probably the third step in the process. Hormones also play a big factor in the process, and when it comes to surgery, for a man to become a woman it involves softening of certain features like the nose, chin, and then shaving the Adam’s apple.

The Drs: Bruce Jenner Photoshopped Magazine Cover

The Doctors explained that the photo of Bruce Jenner was actually superimposed with model Stephanie Beacham’s photo to create the fictionalized image. Dr Stork said it pushes the limit and Dr Ordon said it’s freedom of the press, even if they did cross the line a little bit. At the end of the day, they support Bruce Jenner.


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