Drs: Fitness Model With Artificial Heart In Backpack + Vitamin E


The Doctors: Massage Pants For Recovery

Dr Travis Stork was thrilled to kick off season nine of The Doctors with Dr Kristi Funk, a breast specialist, sitting between him and Dr Andrew Ordon. Dr Ordon revealed that he was wearing massage and compression pants that entertainer Drake admitted to using to recover from his shows. Dr Ordon stated that it actually does feel like a great massage, and although the ones Drake uses start at more than $1,500, if you’re frequently getting massages, it could be worth the investment over time.

Would you spend that much on a special pair of pants that can help you recover quicker?


The Doctors: Vitamin E To Strengthen Lady Parts?

Drs: Fitness Model With Artificial Heart In Backpack + Vitamin E

Andrew Jones is a fitness model with one unique accessory: his backpack. He explained why he has to carry his backpack with him wherever he goes. (christinestephens / Flickr)

Speaking of celebrities, Dr Travis revealed that Khloe Kardashian recently recommended that women use vitamin E between their legs to make their lady parts “stronger.” Dr Funk said that if vitamin E was actually capable of strengthening muscle, she would be using it on her stomach all the time! Dr Funk further explained that vitamin E likely won’t strengthen your muscles, but kegels certainly can. Vitamin E is more often used for the skin, but in terms of muscle strength, it’s all hype.


The Doctors: Fitness Model Carries Heart In Backpack?

On a different note, there’s a fitness model named Andrew Jones, who, despite showing off an incredible set of biceps and back muscles, actually has no pulse. How’s that possible? Andrew actually joined the show, and explained that he has an artificial heart that he carries around in his backpack. He’s one of just a few thousand people with that specific device and it truly keeps him alive. Dr Travis was quick to point out that Andrew was redefining what it means to be a person with an artificial heart. He’s the perfect example of a person with an artificial heart who is anything but weak.

The Doctors: Artificial Heart Keeping Exercise Enthusiast Alive

Andrew explained that he actually suffered from a viral infection that attacked his heart. The virus compromised the cardiovascular aspect of his heart, eventually leading to him being put on the transplant list. He’s since been living with the artificial heart for about a year, waiting to get a heart transplant. Andrew was wearing a backpack, and explained that the heart uses power from two batteries and is controlled by a computer that’s also in his backpack. There’s a cable that goes into his stomach and powers a small pump to help with blood flow.

Andrew admitted that while he certainly feels fatigue when working out, it’s normal exercise fatigue, and doesn’t ever feel he’s compromising the mechanics of his heart. The good news is that there’s a built-in alarm system that alerts Andrew when a battery is running low, and will actually switch to the other battery if levels become too low so he doesn’t have to worry when it comes time to switch out an old battery for a new one.

The Doctors: Organ Donation + Men’s Health Magazine Surprise

Andrew founded Hearts At Large, a non-profit that he uses to encourage people to become organ donors and understand what it means. Being an organ donor means you can save up to eight lives and enhance up to 50 more just by registering. He also wants to improve the procurement for organ, eye, and tissue transplants to get them to patients faster and more efficiently. More than 122,000 people are currently waiting for an organ donation.

The fitness director for “Men’s Health” magazine, BJ Gaddour, then surprised Andrew via Skype to say that they were so inspired by Andrew, they wanted to feature him in the January/February issue of their magazine. BJ also wanted to take Andrew out to dinner for steak! Are you an organ donor? If you weren’t before, do you plan on becoming one now, after hearing Andrew’s story?


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