The Drs: Female Employees & Menstrual Leave + Cube Dog Trend

The Doctors: Menstrual Leave For Female Employees

The Doctors kicked off their April 19 episode by reporting that a British company is set to introduce a new “period policy” where female employees will be entitled to paid leave if they are in pain during their monthly cycle. The new initiative is hoping to tap into to the cycles of female employees in hopes of creating a happier and more productive work environment. Menstrual leave has actually existed in Japan since 1947, then later in South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia.


Dr Jennifer Ashton expressed concern, saying that we don’t need yet another reason for gender inequality or exclusion. If a woman is truly suffering for a week each month, they should see their gynecologist for relief. Dr Ashton believes the initiative would only hurt women, as opposed to help him.

The Drs: Female Employees & Menstrual Leave + Cube Dog Trend

A British company will soon offer paid menstrual leave, and The Doctors discussed whether they think American companies should be next. (tipstimesadmin / Flickr)

Do you think companies should have menstrual leave for their female employees?


The Doctors: Cube Dog Trend, Cute Or Dangerous?

Next, The Doctors shared pictures of dogs who had their hair trimmed to follow the latest grooming trend in Taiwan. It’s called the “cube dog trend” and it could actually put the dogs at risk. Jill Goldman, an animal behaviorist, explained that, not only are the groomers using dangerous pointed scissors, but they’re also cutting the hair too close in some cases. Jill explained that the groomers are handicapping the dogs’ ability to effectively communicate, because the haircut can hide certain behaviors like pulling the ears back to signal to other dogs.

Jill suggested that you first know what kind of coat your dog has, saying if you have a long-haired dog, brushing is most important. People think they’re helping their dogs by shaving them in the summer, when in fact it doesn’t help them with the heat. It actually works against them because they don’t have natural ventilation or protection from the sun.

The takeaway, is that you should groom your dog in a way that is best for their specific breed and coat, not for your personal desires.


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