Drs: Feet On The Dashboard Warning + Suffering From PTSD

The Doctors: Life Changed Forever After Accident

A young girl named Bethany had her life changed forever when she made a decision to do something that we’ve all done before. Bethany’s mother shared that she received a call at about 2:30 in the morning, and was told that her daughter was in a serious accident. On August 2, 2010, Bethany was riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s car, when she made a common mistake that almost took her life. Bethany shared that because she was tired, she put her feet up on the dashboard, when all of a sudden the truck in front of them stopped to suddenly and their car rear-ended the truck.


Because her feet were on the dash, the airbags went off and hit her hamstrings, forced her knees into her face. She broke her left eye socket, her cheek bone, and her nose. Her brain bled and her spleen had to be cauterised. The brain injury has stunted Bethany emotionally and now she’s disorganized, lacks motivation, and suffers from PTSD, according to her psychiatrist. She’s now highly dependent on her mom and said if she could go back in time, she would change that day completely.

Drs: Feet On The Dashboard Warning + Suffering From PTSD

Before you rest your feet up on the dashboard while riding in the car, be sure to hear Bethany’s story. (_twiggy / Flickr)


The Doctors: Feet On The Dashboard Dangers

Bethany and her mother Mary joined the show and Bethany explained that she’s no longer allowed to do a lot of the activities she used to do. She even shared that her feet used to be a size eight, but now they’re a size six and a half wide, which makes shoe shopping a lot less enjoyable. Her hearing is very sensitive as well.

Dr Travis Stork explained that everything in a car is designed to have your feet down below you, so he encouraged everyone to never put their feet on the dashboard again. Dr Mike Dow joined the show and said to Bethany’s mom that she likely doesn’t ask for enough help, which Mary agreed with. He said Mary certainy needs to take some time for herself. For Bethany, she needs to appreciate how much of a miracle it is that she’s still here. He said she needed to focus on her abilities, rather than her disabilities.

The Doctors: Surrpise For Car Accident Survivor

The Doctors reached out to Active Life Rehab and Wellness and surprised Bethany with two sessons of physiotherapy a week and bi-weekly massages for six months. Plus, thanks to the non-profit, Global Post Traumatic Stress Injury Foundation, Bethany was going to be able to get a revolutionary injection free of charge to help with her PTSD. Also, shoes.com is going to give Bethany a new pair of shoes each month free for a year.

Are you guilty of resting your feet up on the dashboard? Will you avoid doing it now after hearing Bethany’s story?


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