Drs: Extreme Marriage Proposals + Drug Testing For Welfare


The Drs: Over-The-Top Marriage Proposals

Drs: Extreme Marriage Proposals + Drug Testing For Welfare

Some people go to the extreme to propose to their partners and The Doctors shared that it has led to a new profession. (timparkinson / flickr)

The Doctors wanted to talk about wedding proposals, which they know can sometimes be pretty amazing. Some people may, however, take it too far. A Japanese artist quit his job to spend six months traveling 3,000 miles through Japan with a GPS tracker. His goal was to spell out “marry me” across the islands, to make it visible from space.


Another man faked a bike accident only to propose to his bride-to-be. Theirs was also a guy who faked a car crash, using a special effects crew, to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

Do you have a crazy proposal story to share?

The Drs: Proposal Planner?

Dr Stork said the trend has actually created a new profession: professional proposal planners. A proposal planner from The Heart Bandits, Michele Velasquez, explained that some clients come to her with an idea that they already have, but need some help executing it. Other guys come to them in hopes of coming up with a proposal that their girlfriend would like.


Dr Campbell wanted to know if there was some kind of limit to what she could do and Michele said yes, because she’s had clients wanting her to stage a bank robbery as a unique proposal. She said it should be a pleasant experience, so she won’t help someone terrify their girlfriend.

The Drs: Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

The Doctors then shared news of a controversial program that may keep people from receiving their next paycheck. But is it fair? People on welfare now have to be drug tested before receiving their government money and $500,000 has been set aside for the pilot program in Michigan. The hope is that welfare-funded drug use will stop. Those who refuse to take a drug test will lose their cash assistance for a year.

Dr Jennifer Berman pointed out that if they test positive, they’re sent to drug and alcohol counseling for a year. There’s a positive side, which is that if they’re drug addicts, they can still receive their payment, but they’re also given resources for substance abuse at the same time.

The Drs: Drug Tests Before Government Assistance

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she would be concerned about a false-positive result, because there are a lot of non-illegal, non-abused drugs that can cause a positive test. Plus, just doing the testing is very expensive. Dr Campbell said he doesn’t like the connotation that people on welfare are using drugs, when it has been shown that they’re actually using at a lower rate than the national average.

Whether you’re for or against it, at least they’re trying a pilot program first rather than just instating it. Do you think people on welfare should be drug tested before they receive financial assistance? Why or why not?


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