Drs: Elderly Driving Dangers + Taylor Armstrong Domestic Violence


The Doctors: Posing Like A Naked Chicken

The Doctors announced that they brought back some of their favorite, most talked about guests from past seasons. But first, they welcomed Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and explained that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Taylor first joined The Doctors to talk about hot headlines, beginning with a new social media trend that has people posing naked, pretending to be a frozen chicken. People are treating it like a competition, trying to one-up each other. Taylor said unless you’re a supermodel, this is not for you!


The Doctors: Jolt Your Brain To Feel Calm?

Drs: Elderly Driving Dangers + Taylor Armstrong Domestic Violence

Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, opened up to The Doctors about surviving domestive violence. (evarinaldiphotography / Flickr)

Next, how far would you go to feel “zen?” There’s a new at-home device called Think, claims to jolt your brain into feeling calm. It’s all through a head piece and an app. It’s not a medical device so it’s not regulated. The Doctors wanted to find out if it really worked, so their producer Leslie was backstage trying it out. She said it was tingling a little bit and admitted it was making her feel as if she had a glass of wine. The Doctors would check back in with Leslie later on to find out how it worked for her.


Later in the show, when The Doctors checked back in on Leslie, who said that she was so calm that it was hard for her to formulate thoughts. The Doctors even noticed that she seemed entirely differently, and said when they asked her if she would do it again she said “not at work.” She also turned down the idea of shooting for the opposite effect, which is to boost her energy.

So would you try this procedure if it could help you relax and calm down?

The Doctors: Dangers Of Driving For The Elderly

Next, The Doctors reported several stories of car accident involving the elderly. Dr Travis Stork said many factors could contribute to the accidents, including aging and the things that go along with it like vision changes and joint stiffness. Dr Jennifer Berman was going to wear the GERT Age Simulation Suit, which would simulate what it might feel like to be an elderly person. Dr Berman said she felt tired and was even shaking. Her range of motion and range of vision was restricted and she said she felt incredibly limited. It’s hard to recognize your own limitations, so pay attention to loved ones who could be driving impaired.

Dr Ashton shared that drivers 85 and older is the fastest growing driver demographic in the country. While there’s no specific age where someone becomes dangerous behind the wheel, it’s simply that some people may need restrictions such as not driving at night. The good news is that there is technology being developed to make driving cars easier. If you notice changes, don’t ignore it. Talk to someone before you hurt yourself or others!

Do you think there should be more driving restrictions for the elderly?

The Doctors: Taylor Armstrong On Domestic Violence

The Doctors then moved on to report that every year, more than 12 million Americans will become victims of physical violence or stalking. Taylor Armstrong has lived through it herself and has been open about her own story. Taylor said it’s one of the most under-reported crimes in the world so it’s likely to be more than 12 million. Taylor said the hardest thing for her was living with the anxiety and the impact it had on her child. She realized her daughter was much more aware than she thought.

Taylor explained that her psychiatrist had suggested she bring up her father to her daughter, after his suicide, so that her daughter could understand that people don’t just disappear. She asked her daughter about her father and she said she didn’t miss him. She said to her mom “why would you miss a boy that screamed at you all the time.” Dr Drew Ordon added that domestic violence most certainly isn’t just physical.

The Doctors: Domestic Violence Awareness

Taylor said she has a titanium implant in her eye, but those scars are much less than her emotional scars. The first signs of abuse are extreme jealousy, control, and degrading behaviors. She especially loves talking to college students because that’s when you’re really beginning to venture out and experience relationships. She works with her daughter to understand that she can say no to someone.

You can call the domestic violence anytime, 24/7 and even remain anonymous if you wish. The number is 800-799-7233.


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