Drs: Eating 60-Year-Old Wedding Cake + Patrick Kennedy Book


The Doctors: Railroad Welding Mishap

The Doctors kicked off their show with another segment of Stuff My Mom Forwards Me. They showed a video being shared online of a Boston railway worker with the question, “is this guy okay?” He was cutting through a railroad track, when he was warned to be careful because the metal piece might swing back and hit him, and it did just that, knocking the guy backward and off screen. The good news is that the guy only suffered a swollen lip, so he should be incredibly thankful for his protective head gear.


The Doctors: Bizarre Chinese Speed Dating

Drs: Eating 60-Year-Old Wedding Cake + Patrick Kennedy Book

The Doctors talked about the couple who is still enjoying their wedding cake on their anniversary, 60 years later. (kimberlykv / Flickr)

The Doctors then reported that at a Chinese water park, more than 30,000 people showed up looking for love. Everyone there agreed to speed date, with just two rules: the women had to remove all thir makeup first, and the men were allowed to measure the women’s breast sizes.


How do you feel about that speed dating event? Would you attend?

The Doctors: Couple Eating 60-Year-Old Wedding Cake

Dr Travis Stork then pulled out a fruit cake, and explained that a Florida couple recently made headlines for their odd anniversary tradition. They’ve been eating their wedding cake every year for 60 years. They wrap it and store it in a coffee can and then each year pull it out, put some brandy on it to soften it up and give it some flavor, and then each take a bite. The Doctors explained that, in the fridge, most things will last for a few days, and if you freeze it, it can last for months.

Do you have any bizarre traditions that you do on special occasions?

The Doctors: What Is Seeding?

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a trend called “seeding” which Dr Jennifer Ashton explained is very natural. It’s about taking a little swab of fluid or secretions from a mom who has just delivered, and brushing it over the newborns eyes, nose, and mouth because there is a large amount of data that shows babies who are born via C-section aren’t exposed to the millions of bacteria that normally inhabit the birth canal, which has an affect on the immune system. The idea is that you’re tricking the immune system of the baby into thinking they actually traveled through the birth canal. Dr Rachael Ross called it “revolutionary.”

If you delivered via C-section, would you practice seeding on your baby?

The Doctors: Removing Kidney Through Private Parts

The Doctors were also excited to share the story of a 44-year-old woman from France who managed to save the life of her 43-year-old sister by donating a kidney. Using robotics, the medical center actually removed and transplanted the kidney through the sister’s private parts. Dr Ashton said when it was first performed, it was called NOLA or natural orifices laparoscopic assisted surgery. They would use the mouth, throat, or the private parts to remove organs with the theory that you’re not make an incision on the outside of the body. Dr Ashton said no incision doesn’t always mean better, but it’s another option.

The woman who donated her kidney was able to go home the next day while the woman who received the kidney was able to go home two days later, which is much faster than normal.

The Doctors: Patrick Kennedy Book

In a Doctors Special Report, Patrick Kennedy is causing some controversy after writing a tell-all book called “A Common Struggle” about his journey with mental illness and addiction. The former congressman opened up about his struggles with addiction and recognized that he was known as a face of someone in recovery. He also discussed addiction struggles of family members including his mom Joan and late father Senator Ted Kennedy. Joan has distanced herself from her son because of the book and his brother allegedly thought the book was an “inaccurate and unfair protrayal of our family” and “was heartbroken by the book.”


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