Drs: Dying Wish To See Star Wars Movie + Clean Shoes Trick


The Doctors: Scream To Lower Stress!

The Doctors asked their entire audience to stand up and scream, before showing a video of a group of people getting together to scream and yell as loud and long as they possibly could. It’s actually a video of the SCREAM Club at Cambridge, showing dozens of people who gather to scream for a full minute, explaining that it’s cathartic and peaceful. Some studies actually support it! So scream your way to lower stress, but be sure you’re in the right place to do so!


The Doctors: Dying Wish To See Star Wars Granted

Drs: Dying Wish To See Star Wars Movie + Clean Shoes Trick

The Doctors shared news of a man who got to see the new Star Wars movie before it was even released, a dying wish come true. (evarinaldiphotography / Flickr)

In The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they reported that Daniel Fleetwood’s dream to see the newest Star Wars movie came early. In July, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given two months to live. The people at LucasFilm and Disney, “made magic happen” when Daniel’s wife posted his final wish on social media. Daniel and his wife Ashley got a call from the movie’s director, JJ Abrams, who put together a special at-home screening of the movie. Abrams has been known to help fans with life-threatening illnesses. After seeing the movie, Ashley Fleetwood posted on Facebook “Thank you beyond words. May the force be with you all.”


The Doctors: TSA Agents Failed Test

During recent STING operations, TSA agents cleared undercover agents to board planes with concealed weapons and fake explosives. Officials are demanding an overhaul of the system and asking for better screening of employees.

The Doctors: Prince Harry, Invictus Games

Prince Harry was saluted for bringing the Invictus Games to the United States, hoping to change perceptions of physical and mental injury. Prince Harry recently met with the First Lady and Joe Biden to discuss the olympic-style event, which will take place in May in Orlando, Florida.

The Doctors: Trick To Clean Your Tennis Shoes

The Doctors then shared what one thing can make your old sneakers look new again. A pillowcase! Just put your dirty shoes in a neutral-colored pillowcase and then tie it in a knot. Put it in the washer with a few towels and run a cold delicates cycle and let your shoes air-dry afterward. This technique also protects your washer!


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