Drs: Drunk Airplane Passengers + Skin Rot From Cocaine Use


The Doctors: Mom Uses Son To Pass Breathalyzer Test

According to The Doctors, every day 300,000 people will drive under the influence in the United States. Approximately 10,000 will lose their lives every year, from DUI. Car breathalyzers are mean to prevent people from driving while impaired, but people are finding ways around them. A Florida mom was charged with child neglect after leaving her two kids in the car while she went out drinking. The bartender called police, and reportedly, the woman made her 4-year-old blow into the breathalyzer, which was required to start the engine. One officer said it was as if the boy had done it before.


Dr Rachael Ross explained that reportedly, the husband knew his wife liked to drink, so he put a breathalyzer in her car, knowing that the car wouldn’t start if she blew into it and her blood-alcohol level was too high. Dr Travis Stork then shared that the average drunk driver will drive more than 80 times drunk, before they’re ever arrested.

Drs: Drunk Airplane Passengers + Skin Rot From Cocaine Use

The Doctors shared two different situations in which an airplane passenger caused a scene during a flight, because they were under the influence of alcohol. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors reached out to the woman, offering to get her help, but the woman declined. They made it clear the offer still stood, and then shared that the children were currently living with their father in another state. It should also be known that there are now several apps that can give you rides if necessary, which just one touch of a button. Those apps have been credited with a 6.5% drop in drunk driving, in California.


The Doctors: Under The Influence On An Airplane

Speaking of being under the influence, The Doctors then reported that a flight from Miami to Chicago was diverted when a woman punched a flight attendant in the face. They explained that the woman reportedly first tried to grab the face of the flight attendant and kiss her. It’s important to remember that the primary responsibility of flight attendants is to ensure the safety of all the passengers on a plane.

The Doctors: Unruly Airplane Passenger

Another in-flight drunk person episode happened on a flight from Anchorage to Portland, when a man stood up and began urinating between the seats the people in front of him, before falling backward and spraying urine into the air all over everyone. He was charged with one count of third degree criminal mischief and offensive littering.

The Doctors: Skin Rot From Cocaine

The Doctors moved on to once again remind everyone of the health issues associated with cocaine use. People can take it just one time and drop dead of a heart attack. Now, if you get the wrong kind of cocaine, it can cause your skin to rot. A lot of cocaine in the United States is being cut with a de-worming drug meant for livestock. It gets injected with the cocaine and triggers an immune response attacking blood vessels that supply the skin with blood. People addicted to cocaine are getting life-threatening responses from the already dangerous drug.

Dr Ross explained that many recreational drug users will claim that they’re getting top-quality cocaine, because their drug dealers use what’s called the bleach test. What many don’t know is that cocaine that is being cut with the de-worming drug can still pass that bleach test, making it seem as if the cocaine is “pure.” It’s reported that somewhere between 70-80% of all cocaine in the U.S. had been cut with the deadly drug. “So not only is he endangering your life, but he’s ripping you off,” Dr Ashton said.

Just another reason to avoid these elicit drugs.

The Doctors: New York City Rat Pizza

To lighten things up a bit, The Doctors wanted to move on to share a video of what is quite possibly the most famous rat in America. The rat was caught drgging a piece of pizza down a flight of stairs in New York City, and Dr Ashton said that’s how strong New York’s rats are. The video was viewed more than 2 million times in 24 hours and has now been viewed more than 6 million times.


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