The Drs: Driving Personality Type + Is Your Dog Hugging You Back?


The Doctors: Personality Type Based On How You Drive

Could your personality actually be a driving hazard? A new test was created by psychologist that identifies the way people respond to road rage or anything else happening while driving. They then break down your personality into one of seven different types based on how you drive. Below is a list of the seven types:

  1. Teachers
  2. Know-it-alls
  3. Competitors
  4. Punishers
  5. Philosophers
  6. Avoiders
  7. Escapees


The Doctors each took the test and Dr Jennifer Ashton was revealed to be a know-it-all driver. Dr Rachael Ross’ test resulted in her being named a philosopher, but she joked that her mom was “road rage central.” Dr Travis Stork turned out to be a punisher, explaining that if there are people ignoring road signs, he’ll purposefully stay in their way to prevent them from going where they want to go.

The Drs: Driving Personality Type + Is Your Dog Hugging You Back?

If you took a personality test related only to your driving, what kind of results would you get? (nikoneric / Flickr)

How would you describe your driving style in terms of personality?


The Doctors: Do Dogs Enjoy Being Hugged?

On a different note, The Doctors then wanted to take the time to let Dr Ross ask Dr Jill Goldman, an animal behaviorist, whether her dog really hugs her back when she cuddles her against her chest. Dr Jill explained that humans show affection in a different way than dogs. When you hug a dog they can feel threatened and confined, which puts them in a defensive mode. She suggested always allowing them an escape, saying that if a dog seems to be enjoying a hug, they’re only “tolerating” the hug. It’s important to read your dog’s body language.

Dr Jill pointed out that it can be an issue with children who want to hug or get close to dogs. It’s especially important to be cautious around dogs that aren’t your own.

The Doctors: Organize Your Closet To Reduce Stress

One part of being motivated to stay healthy is being organized. A great place to start is your closet, which is why Kimberly Friedmuter, a lifestyle expert, shared her tips for getting organized. She suggested starting with your basic black pants and a shirt that you love to match with it, then hang them together. You can then add a skirt or another bottom that would go with that shirt and hang it right next to the shirt. Then select a jacket or top that goes with that skirt and keep going that same way as you move through your closet. Merchandising your clothes like a store allows for a “natural progression of clothes that work.”

If your accessories are stressing you out, try displaying them! It looks beautiful and makes them easy to find.

The Doctors: High Heel Church

The Doctors then reported that a church in Taiwan was built specifically to attract female congregants. The church was built in the shape of a high heel, but they weren’t sure what religion would be worshiping there at the beginning of the year. Reportedly, the design was inspired by a story of a local woman who’s wedding was cancelled after her legs were amputated, so she lived out her days in a church. As bizarre as the design is, would you want to attend church there?

The Doctors: Man-Eating Crocodiles In Florida

Finally, for The Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that gigantic man-eating crocodiles could be hiding in the Florida Everglades. DNA testing on three young crocodiles confirmed them to be Nile crocodiles which can weigh as much as a car and grow as long as 18 feet! The Nile crocs are native to Africa and eat everything from hippos to humans. They’re responsible for up to 200 human deaths in Africa each year. Researchers believe the crocs could thrive in the ecosystem of the Everglades, and said they didn’t actually swim here from Africa, but instead were likely escaped pets.

The Doctors: ‘Pure Genius’ Premiere

The upcoming fall premiere of Pure Genius had many TV viewers excited. The show is about a surgeon and a young tech billionaire who build the ultimate cutting edge hospital that treats only the most rare and insurmountable medical mysteries at no cost.


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