Drs: Dirty Girl Intervention + Health Dangers Of Messy Home


The Drs: Dirty, Cluttered Home

Drs: Dirty Girl Intervention + Health Dangers Of Messy Home

The Doctors held a “dirty girl intervention” for a woman who lives in a messy, cluttered home. (Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)

Alyssa, a photographer and hair and makeup artist, let The Doctors inside her home, a townhouse where she has lived for about three years. She has two cats and a little dog, and her house is an absolute mess. She shared that she works at home and avoids cleaning. She said she clears out her hamper only when she has no more clothes to wear, which means she goes about two months in between doing laundry.


She said she has a hard time finding things, and if she were more organized, she would have an easier time.

The Drs: Dirty Girl Intervention

The Doctors sent Moll Anderson to Alyssa’s house for their first “Dirty Girl Intervention.” Moll looked at the kitchen and told Alyssa that she thinks Alyssa gave up a long time ago. Moll said she was going to move the furniture and try to help Alyssa get a new beginning. Moll then hired a moving crew who took everything everything out of Alyssa’s bedroom, so that she could replace it with new, clean furniture.


The Drs: Dirty Home Makeover

Moll and Alyssa joined The Doctors and Moll shared that as soon as Alyssa revealed the emotions she had toward her late grandfather, that’s when she truly realized she wanted to make a change. Alyssa said she’s been wanting a reset and tried to do it herself, but it was hard.

Moll showed a before picture of Alyssa’s room, and then revealed an after photo featuring furniture from Z Gallery. It was clean, organized, and beautiful. Dr Jennifer Berman said it’s going to make Alyssa want to take care of it and keep it clean. We can only hope!

The Drs: Health Dangers Of A Dirty House

Dr Travis Stork explained that when you allow clutter to take over your space, it can cause emotional anguish as well as physical problems. They took swabs of her home and found things that could harm her health. Patriot Environmental Services ran some tests and found elevated levels of E. coli and bacteria in five out of seven samples collected. In the master area in the window, they found some mold as well.

Mold can lead to allergies and asthma, which can affect both Alyssa and the guests that come over. Now maybe it will inspire Alyssa to get the rest of her place in better shape.


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