The Drs: Devastating Damage After Louisiana Flood + How To Help

The Doctors: Presidential Race & Health Of Candidates

Dr Kristi Funk joined The Doctors to take part in their Friday News Feed and discussions about hot health headlines. They took a quick moment to discuss the health of Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton suffered a medical episode reportedly caused by dehydration and pneumonia, which wasn’t contagious. While both candidates seem to take care of themselves in terms of their health overall, both candidates have attempted to use the other’s health against them in some way. The Doctors also pointed out that the job of President of the United States requires a person who is in good health and can handle large amounts of stress.

Remember to vote based on who you believe would do the best job as President, not based on “assertions out there when it comes to their health.”


The Doctors: Flood Damage In Louisiana

The Drs: Devastating Damage After Louisiana Flood + How To Help

One woman opened the eyes of many when she shared the devastation in Louisiana after massive flooding. Find out how you can make a difference. (howardlake / Flickr)

Lousiana was recently hit with torrential rain, leading to mass flooding and devastating damage. Thousands of people lost their homes. On August 18, it started to rain and in no time, houses were flooded and some were entirely underwater. Erin Ellis recorded the aftermath, showing just how devastating the flooding was. Her sister, who has severe cerebral palsy, was living in a little cottage, because she can live independently with the help of 24-hour care. She was evacuated at 4:00 in the morning and now all that’s left of the house are the walls, which are practically damaged beyond repair.


The Doctors: How To Help Those In Need After Louisiana Flood

Erin and her mom Pam joined the show to further discuss the tragedy in Louisiana. The Doctors reached out to the American Red Cross in hopes of shedding a light on how everyone can help. Via Skype from Baton Rouge, Jay, the Chief Communications Officer for the American Red Cross, stated that approximately 120,000 homes were affected by the flooding. According to Jay, the best way to help is to make a financial donation through the Red Cross website, to help pay for supplies that are needed. You can also text the word LAFLOODS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Dr Travis Stork was then thrilled to welcome Erin’s sister Lindsey to the show, and she came out on stage absolutely glowing. Lindsey actually lost her wheelchair and her van because of flood damage. People over at Quantum Rehab wanted to help Lindsey so they were going to build her a custom-made Q6 Edge 2.0 Power Chair free of charge. Because Lindsey and her family were struggling to rebuild their home, the folks at Panama Jack donated $5,000 to helping them replace their home furnishings. Maytag also provided both homes on their property with brand new kitchen suites worth more than $11,000! Because the van is so important to help Lindsey get around, Mobility Ventures surprised Lindsey with an MV1, a fully wheelchair-accessible vehicle built just for wheelchair access!


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