The Drs: Derek Theler Type 1 Diabetes + Endometriosis Symptoms


The Doctors: ‘Baby Daddy’ Actor Derek Theler Diabetes

Baby Daddy star Derek Theler joined The Doctors as Dr Travis Stork joked that he was so happy to finally meet a celebrity that was actually a pretty good-sized guy in real life. Derek laughed, pointing out that when he first met a lot of other actors in Hollywood, most were a foot and a half shorter than him. Derek revealed that he’s been a type 1 diabetic for as long as he could remember, which meant he had to be very cautious as a child.


For him, he has to be responsible all the time, but has still experienced some scares. However, he wants to encourage those with type 1 diabetes to live life normally and responsibly, and not let the illness hold them back. He also admitted that he never had a sense of community growing up, which is why he wanted to try to create that. He’s also hoping to encourage others to learn more about the variety of treatments available. There are injections, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring systems. He certainly isn’t letting his illness define him!

The Drs: Derek Theler Type 1 Diabetes + Endometriosis Symptoms

Derek Theler from ‘Baby Daddy’ opened up about living with type 1 diabetes and why he’s talking about the illness. (minglemediatv / Flickr)


The Doctors: Germs, Mold & Bacteria On Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are certainly great for the environment, but could re-using them without washing them put your health at risk? The Doctors investigated by looking at a few different water bottles from around their office. In the plastic bottle, they found yeast and mold, and Dr Stork explained that if a plastic bottle is shaped in a way that makes it difficult to clean, you have to be sure to work a little harder to clean it properly.

As for the glass and metal bottles, they found a bacteria that could potentially be dangerous for those with a compromised immune system. Dr Stork made a point to say that you shouldn’t be overly cleanly, but you definitely want to avoid mold! Your best option is likely a 1-liter BPA-free plastic bottle with a wide opening and lid, like Dr Stork uses. You can even wash it in the dishwasher.

The Doctors: Lena Dunham Scars + What Is Endometriosis?

Actress Lena Dunham recently posted a selfie on social media showing off her endometriosis scars. Dunham reportedly underwent two surgeries for the condition that she’s battled since her very first period. Endometriosis is whenever the tissue from the inside lining of the uterus gets outside the uterus. It typically affects the Fallopian tubes or ovaries, but can go other places too. One in ten women have endometriosis and typically birth control as well as ibuprofen are prescribed to control the symptoms. If that doesn’t work or an exam reveals something of concern, then surgery may become an option.

If you notice pelvic pain during your periods or during intercourse as well as pain when you use the restroom, infertility, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, or more. Speak to your doctor if you feel that something isn’t right, and they can take a closer look to figure out if endometriosis could be to blame.

The Doctors: How To Apply Under-Eye Concealer

On a different note, The Doctors wanted to be sure their viewers knew the right way to put on under-eye concealer. If you have a tendency to dab the concealer only under your eye where it’s darkest, you’re doing it right! Instead, think of creating a triangle the length of your nose, on your face, with the base underneath your eye. Dr Ordon explained that the technique helps accentuate the cheekbones while making your eyes “pop!”

Attorney Areva Martin had the privilege of applying concealer to Dr Ordon, as Dr Stork joked that they should’ve used ultra-tan concealer. The key is blending it in so you you can’t see the shapes on your face. Dr Ordon then revealed the word of the day: sparkle! To enter for a chance to win a makeup bundle from Measurable Difference, use the word sparkle on The Doctors’ website.


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