Drs: Cough Syrup Recall + Volvo Death- & Injury-Proof Car?

The Doctors: What Are Bible Bumps?

One of The Doctors’ own associate producers was in the procedure room with Dr Andrew Ordon as well as Dr Michael Zarrabi. The woman explained that she got what was called a “bible bump” on her hand that felt “fluffy” and although it went down a little, it still felt “gooey” inside. Dr Zarrabi explained that the bump is called a ganglion cyst, and they used to be called bible bumps because they used to take the biggest book they had and smash the bump with it. Dr Zarrabi planned on doing an aspiration, and after numbing her, he placed a needle into the area to get some of the fluid out. There’s still a 30-50% chance that it can come back, but it’s well worth it instead of having the patient undergo the procedure. The goal was to puncture the cyst with several holes to keep it from coming back.

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