Drs: Controversial Bodybuilding Teacher + Fraudulent Disability


The Doctors: Teacher Almost Fired Over Bodybuilding Pictures

Is it okay for your kid’s teacher to have a controversial second job? A teacher in Utah was lucky to keep her job after the school district she was working for threatened to fire her over pictures she posted on social media. Her name is Mindy Jenson and she’s a body builder and bikini model who also teaches at a middle school. The single mom of four decided to focus on fitness after her weight reached an unhealthy 100 pounds. Pictures of her body posted on social media troubled parents of children. She was given three choices by the school district: keep the posts private, take them down, or be fired.


The Doctors: Utah Teacher Controversial Bikini Photos

Drs: Controversial Bodybuilding Teacher + Fraudulent Disability

The Doctors spoke with a teacher from Utah who was almost fired over photos she posted of her bikini competitions online. (chiropractic / Flickr)

The Doctors then welcomed Mindy to the show, and she said the school superintendent actually apologized, saying that they’ve never had to deal with a situation like her’s. She lives in a small town community and certainly raised some eyebrows. Dr Rachael Ross said the pictures certainly have some sex appeal to them and Mindy said before she even started social media, she thought she was okay to use a stage name rather than her real name.


Dr Travis Stork said one of his former teachers, who he, hilariously, said was the best teacher he ever had, previously posed for Playboy. But she was a great teacher and that’s what really mattered. Mindy said in bodybuilding, if you want to get noticed by sponsors and other companies, you have to use social media. She really thinks about each picture that she posts, but wants to be able to simply express herself.

She said her kids absolutely love what she does, which makes it all worth it.

The Doctors: Australian Cafe Bans Cash

Next, The Doctors shared news of an Australian cafe that recently made news after refusing to accept paper bills. But to be more specific, they banned cash that comes from bras or underwear. Apparently it was a big problem with female customers. Money is already dirty as it is, whether you’re sweaty or not. It will certainly affect their business, but hey, they can do what they want!

The Doctors: Fraudulent Disability Claims

The Doctors then moved on to share a picture of a 60-year-old Philadelphia man, who has filed more than 30 lawsuits against businesses claiming that they don’t accommodate his disabilities that leave him unable to walk or hold a glass of water. He recently plead guilty to perjury after investigators released pictures showing that he wasn’t disabled at all. One picture showed him standing on a ladder painting his house while another picture showed him working a treehouse in his back yard. There’s also a picture of him doing house work on his roof.

The man has been sentenced to undergo psychological evaluation. Areva Martin joined the show, saying that there are hundreds of thousands of people each year who submit fraudulent claims for disability to social security or their companies for worker’s compensation. When you make claims, you’re opening your entire medical history up and often times an investigator is hired to follow you to make sure.

What got this man in trouble was that he testified under oath that he was disabled to the point that he couldn’t even lift a glass of water. If you’re not injured, don’t file a claim. This is the same man that tried to get food stamps for his dog back in 2010!

The Doctors: Assault & Battery Charge For Throwing Baby Carrot?

The Doctors then reported that according to a middle school in Virginia, a baby carrot is considered a dangerous weapon. A 14-year-old female student has been suspended for school for over a month for allegedly hitting a teacher in the forehead with a 2-inch baby carrot. The student claims it’s an accident but now faces assault and battery charges.

Areva Martin said it’s one of the craziest cases she’s ever heard in terms of school discipline. She explained that technically a battery is “any unlawful touching” but seriously? There were much more productive ways to go about this, causing this girl to miss a month’s worth of education. The girl is an honor student with a great record.


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