Drs: Cleaning Hack & Cough Myths + Cher Helping Flint, Michigan


The Doctors: Cleaning Hacks

To change the way you clean your home, Dr Travis Stork revealed three helpful secrets. First, to clean your blender, add some water with a little soap, then put the lid on and turn it on. Do it a few times if needed then rinse and let it dry out! If you’ve got caked on food on a glass baking dish, spray it with some water and then take a crumpled ball of aluminum foil and scrub it! If you’ve got a dirty phone, use a coffee filter to clean the screen without damaging the glass.

Cooking was the word of the day and you can use the word cooking on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a year membership to Wolfgang Puck’s online cooking course worth about $100!


The Doctors: Cough Myths

Drs: Cleaning Hack & Cough Myths + Cher Helping Flint, Michigan

The Doctors shared some of their best cleaning hacks, including the easiest possible way to clean a grimy blender. (redjar / Flickr)


Next, The Doctors asked their audience what traveled fastest: a train, a Nascar, a sneeze, or a cough. If you ask me I would say sneeze but your cough can actually reach 500 miles per hour, making it fastest! There are a lot of cough myths out there though, which is why The Doctors wanted to tackle a few to put your mind at ease.

Dr Freda Lewis-Hall was back to aid in the conversation and said a cough is one of the most common reasons for a trip to the doctors office. More than 30 million doctor visits each year are attributed to coughing! Not all coughs are contagious, however, as it’s just a sign of an irritated airway.

The Doctors: The Truth About Coughs

Another cough myth is that the mucus determines how sick you are, because the reality is that “thicker doesn’t always mean sicker.” Coughs can be wet or dry, and a wet cough could be a sign of an infectious disease, but so could a dry cough. If you’re worried about your cough, see your doctor and be sure to let them know how long you’ve been coughing. Acute coughs last 1-3 weeks, but if it lasts longer than 8 weeks it’s a chronic cough that should be treated by your doctor. Not all coughs needs antibiotics.

To ease a cough, try cough drops if you’re older than 3-years-old. Clear your house of dust and irritants and try a vaporizer or hot steam shower, as well as a cup of tea with honey and lemon.

The Doctors: Christian Bale Turned Down Ferrari Role

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they reported that Christian Bale just received an Academy Award nomination for his role in The Big Short. Christian is known for immersing himself in the characters he plays through weight cycling, reportedly losing 60 pounds for his role in the 2004 movie The Machinest and then putting on about 50 pounds for American Hustle in 2013. Now, 41-year-old has backed out of a movie about car maker Enzo Ferrari. Bale was unwilling, because of health reasons, to put on weight for the role of Ferrari. Weight cycling can put you at risk for gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Many actors have weight cycled, such as Matthew McConaughey, who said he made sure to do it safely.

The Doctors: Cher Helping Flint, Michigan Water Emergency

The Doctors then reported that President Barack Obama declared a State of Emergency in Flint, Michigan because of contaminated drinking water with lead. Residents haven’t had safe water to drink since 2014. The action will cover 75% of the cost for much needed water, filters, and filter cartridges. Actor and singer Cher donated 180,000 bottles of water to the Eastern Michigan foodbank, after realizing the tragedy that was happening.

The Doctors: Ice Water For Limp Veggies

If you hate the thought of limp vegetables, try a little ice water! Veggies need water to retain their shape, so put some salad in ice water for 30 minutes to an hour to help them get their shape back.


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