Drs: Clean Up After Your Dog + Staph Infection From Bounce House


The Doctors: Man Encouraging Neighbors To Pick Up Dog Poop

The Doctors began their September 22 episode by talking about whether you pick up the mess your dog leaves behind on a walk, or do you just leave it there. The Doctors asked their viewers on Facebook whether they scoop the poop or leave it, and 84% of people said they scoop it up. Out of the other 16%, a third of them said even if they were asked to pick it up, they would still refuse. One man, who calls himself “the Turdinator,” has made it his mission to confront dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets.


The father of four is from England and he hides in the bushes at his local park, dressed in camouflage, using a camera to spot people who don’t pick up after their dogs. He either gets them to pick it up or “face the consequences.” Andrew joined the show via Skype from England. Andrew explained that he’s been at it for about three weeks now. He explained that he loves the area he lives in and he won’t stand for people picking up after their dogs anymore. The Doctors pointed out that dog feces lying around could pose a risk for children who like to play outside, so it does become a health issue.

Drs: Clean Up After Your Dog + Staph Infection From Bounce House

The Doctors heard from a man who has made it his mission to stop people from leaving their dogs’ messes behind in public. (e3000 / Flickr)

Do always pick up after your dog?


The Doctors: Staph Infections From Bounce Houses

The Doctors have talked before about the dangers of play bounce-houses, with many of them having been reported as going air-born with children inside. Now, children are reportedly getting staph infections after playing inside the bounce houses. Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that these infections can also be contracted from sports equipment and play mats.

If your child has an open wound, either cover it up or let it heal before they come into contact with a play surface area. Also, be sure to have them shower after playing around with a surface like a bounce house.

The Doctors: Human Heart On Cocaine

The Doctors then moved on to share a video of a human heart beating erratically outside of the human body. That heart was beating for 25 minutes, which was not normal. It turns out that the heart was one of a long-term cocaine user. The heart was enlarged and was likely used to not getting a lot of oxygen because it was so diseased. Yet another example of the incredible damage that drugs can cause to your body.

The Doctors: Paralyzed Woman Lingerie Photoshoot

The Doctors reminded everyone of a woman named Rachelle who was on their show last season because she was paralyzed after being pushed into a pool at her bachelorette party. Now, she’s stirring up a bit of controversy on social media because she posted pictures of herself in lingerie. The Doctors said the always talk about celebrating yourself, and that’s exactly what Rachelle was doing. She explained that after suffering an injury like she did, she felt like she lost a part of herself. She was reclaiming her sexual identity.

Dr Jennifer Ashon took the time to read some of the negative comments Rachelle got, including “Gross, not sexy at all” and “She is beautiful. But that catheter bag…” Dr Ashton said responded with “walk a mile in your shoes and then go ahead and make the same comments.” Rachelle said she had some people who were inspired by her, while others were offended. She said no one should feel negative about what she did, because she helped a large amount of people.

Rachelle then revealed that, thanks to her surrogate, she now has a 4-month-old baby girl. Do you think her photoshoot was deserving of the controversy?


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