Drs: Child Obesity Campaign + Healthy Food Swaps & Fast-Food Danger


The Doctors: Child Obesity Commercial

The Doctors shared that one in three kids are either overweight or obese. Dr. Travis Stork said that if you’re a parent who’s not worried about it, wait until you watch the commercial he had to share.

The commercial showed an obese man being wheeled into an emergency room, and you hear that he suffered from a heart attack at just 32 years old. It then shows a video sequence going backward in time to show him ordering fast food at a drive thru, being too tired to play with his kids, sipping on soda in front of the TV, and being told by a doctor that he could be developing diabetes.


Drs: Child Obesity Campaign + Healthy Food Swaps & Fast-Food Danger

The Doctors talked about a controversial childhood obesity campaign and how you can prevent your kids from heading down that deadly path. (Kylie Walls / Shutterstock)

The commercial then shows him as a kid, struggling to walk on a treadmill that his mom got him, getting yelled at by his dad for hiding candy in his room, his parents ordering fast food, sitting in front of the TV playing video games, drinking juice as a young kid, and then eating McDonald’s French fries while sitting in a high-chair.

The message at the end of the commercial is, “Your child’s future doesn’t have to look like this.”


The Drs TV: Rewind The Future Child Obesity Campaign

Dr. Travis Stork explained that Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta produced and launched a Rewind The Future campaign to raise awareness about childhood obesity. He said although he knows there’s been controversy surrounding the campaign, he’s glad they did it “because more people end up in the ER due to food-related illness than anything else.”

The Doctors: Childhood Obesity

He went on to say that recent studies have shown that food leading to obesity can cut more years off your life than smoking. Dr. Jim Sears said “controversy or not, this is reality.”

He said he sees the reality every day in his office and when he goes to the grocery and sees kids with their grocery carts filled with sugary cereals. “It’s killing the kids,” Dr. Sears said.

Dr. Stork shared that $14.2 billion or more is spent promoting unhealthy foods to kids as young as two years old. “Anyone who says they’re not promoting it to kids is lying,” he said.

Dr. Drew Ordon shared that Americans consume an average of 3,700 calories per day. Dr. Rachael Ross explained that it takes 3,500 calories burned to lose a pound and 3,500 intake to gain a pound. So you can see what the issue is there. Dr. Sears explained that if you take away the amount of calories you need each day, in about three days you’re gaining about a pound, if you’re eating 3700 calories a day.

Dr. Stork said that in the last 30 years, the rate of diabetes has quadrupled in adolescents. “That’s not genetics,” Dr. Stork said. “That is because the food that we eat is poison if we eat too much of the bad stuff.”

The Drs TV: Fast Food Dangers + Healthy Food Swaps

The Doctors wanted to share some food swaps that may seem harmless, but really add up over time. If you eliminate a 20 oz. soda per day, you can avoid 61 pounds of sugar a year. Dr. Ross added that with all the preservatives that go into bad food, you can notice how you always crave more. She said the food is designed to make you want more.

Dr. Ross said fast food should be a treat, and something you do one or two times a month. That’s exactly how it was in my family. We only went out to eat a couple times a month, if that, and we were all raised to be very healthy, active adults.

Dr. Sears recommended not having the unhealthy food in your house. Dr. Ordon explained it by saying that you wouldn’t leave dangerous medications out that your kids could get ahold of, so food should be seen the same way.

If you gave your kids some fruit instead of a large fry one time a week, you would save 25,000 calories per year. Dr. Sears had a great idea for some parents when he said that he would stop bringing home fries in the rare instances when he did bring home fast food. He would say they were out of fries and then eventually his kids learned to stop expecting them. Let them have a sandwich from a fast-food place every once in a while, but give them fruit or vegetables to eat with it. That’s a really great idea.

The Doctors: Preventing Childhood Obesity

The big thing to remember is to make fast food or unhealthy food a special treat and rare occurrence. Dr. Stork admitted that he used to consume fast food, but upon starting The Doctors, he gave it up. He said he will still go to places that serve fast food in the traditional sense, but he doesn’t consume the unhealthy foods.

My son is only six months old, but I’m already very aware of making sure that he has a healthy, balanced diet. It is my goal to make sure that he eats healthy, while still getting a treat every now and then, and lives a very active life. What are you doing to ensure your kids stay healthy and happy?

The takeaway from this segment is that one simple, small change can make a big difference in your kids’ lives.


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