Drs: Child Abuse & Road Rage + Chickenpox & Measles Parties?


The Drs: Kangaroo In McDonald’s?

The Doctors shared that one man in Wisconsin was disturbed so much by a recent trip a fast food restaurant that he called 911. He explained to the operator that he was in a McDonald’s and said that they had a kangaroo in the restaurant. He then explained that he didn’t actually see it but wanted someone to look into it.

Drs: Child Abuse & Road Rage + Chickenpox & Measles Parties?

The Doctors talked about two road rage cases, one of which led to a child abuse charge. (Lightspring / Shutterstock.com)


The Doctors pointed out that the operator indulged the man and kept him on the phone, even though it wasn’t a real emergency. But he was taking time away from someone who could have truly needed help. The Doctors said the takeaway is that if you ever see this, talk to the person about it rather than immediately calling 911, because 911 is meant to save lives.

The Drs: Severe Case Of Road Rage

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a North Carolina woman who was recently driving on a rainy day with her grandchildren. She started filming after an angry driver passed her and seemed to be driving recklessly in front of her. The car in front of her then suddenly came to a stop, got out of the car, and came up to the woman going off on her. She rolled up her window on the woman while her granddaughter screamed in the back.

The video was turned over to the police and two days later the woman was arrested. Dr Rachael Ross said you have to think that maybe someone with extreme road rage is mentally unstable, and you’re better off just “letting them have their peace.” Dr Travis Stork said he disagrees and thought you should share their license plate number with the police.


The Drs: Dealing With Road Rage

Dr Ross said the problem comes when you start to provoke the person who is experiencing road rage. Dr Stork said if you’re going to do what the grandmother did, you certainly shouldn’t leave your window down. Dr Stork shared that the woman actually turned the video over to the authorities and nothing happened until the video  went viral.

Dr Ross said that Dr Stork’s wife actually claims that he has a bit of road rage and he said “there are certain things you inherit from your father.” He said nothing good can happen from road rage. Dr Drew Ordon said he used to be a road rager until he started appearing on TV.

As Dr Stork said, road rage is not worth it!

The Drs: Road Rage Turned Child Abuse

The Doctors then continued talking about road rage, discussing a Florida woman who got so fed up with her children fighting in the back seat that she slammed on her brakes, hoping to shock them into behaving. The problem is that her 12-year-old sitting in the front seat wasn’t wearing a seat belt, so she flew forward, slamming her head into the windshield. Three days later, the Department of Children and Family Services showed up with police to charge her with child abuse.

Obviously, it’s never a good idea to slam on the brakes when you have an unrestrained child in the car. Dr Ross questioned whether it was actually child abuse, because she’s not sure the woman actually had an intent to harm her children. Dr Ross said the woman didn’t try to kill her kids, while Dr Stork started to get fired up, even spitting out a cuss word. Dr Ross said “try to be a mom for a few months.”

The Drs: Child Abuse Debate

Dr Stork said he never said anything about locking the mother up, but seemed to agree that it qualified as child abuse. Dr Ordon then cut in, saying that it all could have been avoided if the child had their seat belt on. Dr Stork said he’s sensitive to it because of his profession and Dr Ross said she’s sensitive to it because of her profession as well. Dr Stork said because the crack in the windshield, it was clear the young girl was “catapulted.”

The Drs: Measles & Chickenpox Parties?

Dr Stork seemed to take a deep breath and then move on to talk about how health officials were having to warn parents not to throw “measles parties.” It may seem hard to believe, but there are actually parents across the country hoping to get their children together to give them chickenpox now so that they can have immunity later. They’re concerned that now the same parties may happen for the measles. It’s rare for children to die of measles, but one in 1,000 do die, while others can get permanent brain damage.

Luckily, it all turned out to be a big rumor about people having “measles parties.” Dr Ross said measles and chickenpox parties were a thing of the past, before they had the vaccines to protect their kids.


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