Drs: CEO Jailed Over Salmonella Outbreak + Domestic Violence


The Doctors: Peanut Corporation CEO Sentenced To Prison

The Doctors repored that the former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America was sentenced to 28 years in prison for knowingly shipping out salmonella-contaminated peanut butter and hiding the evidence. This resulted in an outbreak that caused 714 people to become sick, and even contributed to nine deaths. Dr Travis Stork said he would argue that this ruling is “revolutionary.”

The Doctors spoke with Jeff Almer, who’s mother died from salmonella poisoning due to the outbreak. Jeff said it was a relief to have it over with after six and a half years of talking about his mother’s death and seeking justice for her death as well as the others. He said he was satisifed with the punitive amounts sentenced. He felt that they were truly paying a price for what they did.

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