The Drs: Bromance Health Benefits + Controversial Plus-Size Ad


The Doctors: Health Benefits Of A Bromance

Life strategist Gary Coxe joined The Doctors as they got right into some hot headlines. First, Dr Travis Stork listed off popular celebrity “bromances” or close friendships between two men. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are just a few examples, but they have nothing on Dr Stork and Dr Andrew Ordon! The truth is that a bromance is just as meaningful as all the other relationships in a man’s life.


A recent study found that brotherly love between men has the same effect on the brain as romantic relationships. A bromance can increase the oxytocin hormone in the brain and help a man better cope with stress. Dr Stork and Dr Ordon shared that they’ve had a number of “bromance weekends” where Dr Ordon’s wife would end up taking constant pictures of the duo. Gary explained that it’s the same as women having girls’ nights and enjoying time with each other.

The Drs: Bromance Health Benefits + Controversial Plus-Size Ad

Could a bromance actually be good for a man’s health? The Doctors discussed a study that claims male friendships are more important than you may think! (aarontait / Flickr)

Dr Stork argued that the way he feels about Dr Ordon is completely different than a romantic feeling, so he actually disagreed with the study. Oxytocin is the “love hormone” but Dr Jennifer Ashton was quick to point out that most of the studies were done on rats. What do you think about bromances or strong friendships between men?


The Doctors: Offensive Plus-Size Clothing Ad

Moving on, The Doctors then took a look at ads meant to show off plus-size clothing. One ad in particular used skinny models posing with both legs in a single pant leg, to market plus-size pants. Dr Ashton was confused by the goal of the marketing campaign, saying that it certainly got attention, but none of it was positive. It would be hard to find someone who would look at the ad and want to buy the pants.

How did the ad make you feel? Do you think it was a good decision by the clothing company?

The Doctors: Get Rid Of Bad Memories With Eye Movement

Next, The Doctors discussed the idea that an individual could erase a painful memory just by moving their eyes. It’s a technique called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and is used to treat everything from anxiety and depression. Gary Coxe had heard of it, but didn’t use it. He explained that basically it distracts someone from thinking about a memory, and while it’s entirely different than hypnosis, it can be effective for some people.

The Doctors: First Baby Causes Unhappiness?

The Doctors then wanted to take the time to discuss controversial research. A new study from Europe found a significant drop in happiness among parents after the birth of their first child, compared to their peers without kids. The results concluded that older parents and those with higher education were the most depressed. Gary Coxe first pointed out that studies have shown that with every child added to a family, the risk for divorce goes up. In other studies, however, having two children increased overall happiness. Dr Ashton pointed out that for a lot of moms, once a child is born, that child becomes the center of their attention.

Did having children affect your happiness for the better or worse?


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