Drs: Breathing In Alcohol At A Bar + Offensive Fraternity Banners


The Doctors: Alcoholic Architecture Bar

There’s a new bar in the United Kingdom called Alcoholic Architecture. When you go into the bar, you’re breathing in alcohol that is pumped through the bar’s circulation system and they’re calling it an “alcoholic weather system.” The Doctors explained that 140% humidity creates a foggy alcohol atmosphere. You’re literally breathing in alcohol, which gets absorbed quickly, which means you’d likely get a very quick buzz. According to proprietors for the bar, if you hang out inside for 40-50 minutes it’s the equivalent to one drink.


Dr Sandra Lee immediately wondered how women were going to “stay cute” inside because of the humidity. Dr Rachael Ross said to try to imagine how bad you’re going to smell when leaving, to which Dr Travis Stork said those inside are supposed to wear ponchos. Attractive, right?

Drs: Breathing In Alcohol At A Bar + Offensive Fraternity Banners

Would you go to a bar that pumps alcohol into the air? The Doctors discussed the U.K. bar and shared their thoughts. (dlytle / Flickr)

Would you go to a bar like Alcoholic Architecture or does it just sound like a bad idea?


The Doctors: Inappropriate Fraternity Banners

The Doctors moved on to talk about about fraternity banners that were hanging outside of a college. “Rowdy and fun. Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time…” and “Go ahead and drop off mom too…” as well as “freshman daughter drop off.” Dr Stork said it’s cultures like that, that fuel conversations about assault and alcohol abuse on college campuses. Dr Lee said to be so blatant on the first day of school with banners like that is “atrocious” and said if she was dropping her child off, she would just keep driving instead.

The Doctors: Teachable Moment In The Media

Dr Lee said that fraternity was just being immature, foolish, and was showing off. The fraternity ended up being suspended and an investigation is pending. Dr Ashton said the only good thing about this story is that is calls for a teachable moment for both boys and girls. Dr Ashton said she will have gender and age appropriate conversations with both her son and daughter, especially when stories like that are in the news. She wants to make it clear that it’s never okay to objectify women. Dr Ross said you can’t wait until it’s too late to talk your kids, so it’s important to talk to them before they go away to college.

It’s also important to know that things are different than they were 20 years ago and the college atmosphere is much different. Assaults happen regularly, especially to vulnerable girls on college campuses, which is why it’s so important to talk to both boys and girls about how situations like that can be prevented, before they even arrive on campus. Not to mention that a majority of assaults on women are perpetrated by someone they know, so you’re better safe than sorry talking to your daughter now so that she can protect herself.

Have you made a situation like that into a teachable moment for your children? How do signs like that make you feel?


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