Drs: Boyfriend Sucking Blood + Buying Used Makeup Online

The Doctors: Boyfriend Sucks Girlfriend’s Blood

The Doctors introduced a woman who first became interested in vampires when she was 8-years-old. She found a book her sister owned and it made her realize she didn’t actually want to be the vampire, she wanted to be the “prey.” The woman’s boyfriend explained that he started drinking blood right after his 13th birthday. He described the experience as intense and “like drinking a powerful cup of coffee.” Generally, he licks and sucks the blood right off his girlfriend’s skin. They know there’s a risk for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases but said with proper risk management, their risk is much lower than what people think. They explained that it’s important to sterilize both the skin and the scalpel.


The Doctors: Sucking Each Other’s Blood?

Drs: Boyfriend Sucking Blood + Buying Used Makeup Online

The Doctors spoke to a couple who admits they feel an intense energy every time the boyfriend sucks her blood. But is it safe? (gaelx / Flickr)

The Doctors welcomed the couple to the show, and Blut said it brings them together as a couple. Michael said for him, it’s a sense of energy. It’s a way for them to cement their relationship. He compared it to the concept of communion and “bringing something greater into yourself.”

Dr Rachael Ross said you can start to worry about iron overload in a situation where someone is constantly being given more blood. It’s also of concern that the couple isn’t in a committed monogamous relationship, which brings up concerns about STD’s and other health issues. They undergo regular STD screening and don’t ever touch anyone else’s blood. The risk for infection is really high and needs to be known about.


The Doctors: Buying Used Makeup Online

Next, The Doctors explained that there’s a site that is selling used makeup, but reportedly cleans and sanitizes the makeup before selling to a new user. The Doctors wanted to find out for themselves just how sanitary the makeup really is, so they bought a bunch of makeup from the site and sent it off to be swabbed in a lab. Glambot is the name of the website and The Doctors wanted to find out if it was truly safe for you to purchase and use. The truth was, everything came back clean! Although it’s technically safe, would you buy used makeup?

The Doctors also reported that 89% of women hoard old makeup “just in case.” Dr Jennifer Ashton and Dr Rachael Ross said it’s definitely true!


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