Drs: Blue Bell Listeria + Kim Kardashian West Mental Health


The Drs: Smoking Causes Anxiety & Depression

Drs: Blue Bell Listeria + Kim Kardashian West Mental Health

The Doctors explained that Kim Kardashian West is now raising awareness about mental health. (evarinaldiphotography / flickr)

The Doctors know that smoking is horrible for your health, but if you needed another reason to quit, a recent study found that smokers are 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression overall when compared to non-smokers. Research from the University College of London found that more than 18% of the smokers in the study reported having anxiety and depression, compared to just 10% of non-smokers and 11.3% of ex-smokers.


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Have you or someone you know recently quit smoking? What finally got you to stop?

The Drs: Ian Crozier + Ebola In Eye

For The Doctors News in 2:00, they shared that Dr Ian Crozier talked about Ebola at a World Affairs Council panel in December. After being released from Emory University Hospital, he was supposedly Ebola-free, but began to experience severe problems in his left eye. The New England Journal of Medicine published a report about the doctor’s eye, saying it had Ebola. Crozier was treated with an anti-viral drug and is now once again Ebola-free. Doctors are still learning about the course of the virus and its lingering effects on survivors.


The Drs: Blue Bell Aware Of Listeria In Ice Cream?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report claiming that Blue Bell Creameries was aware of a listeria problem at their Oklahoma plant dating back to 2013. Last year, listeria-tainted Blue Bell ice cream was linked to the deaths of three people. The FDA is now saying that Blue Bell failed to make changes to its cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Listeria can be found in food made from raw milk and can grow in cold temperatures. All Blue Bell products have now been recalled.

The Drs: Kim Kardashian West & Mental Health Awareness

The Doctors then shared that Kim Kardashian West is speaking out about depression. She wants to raise awareness about mental health issues and just produced a documentary called #RedFlag that examines how social media can be used to help young adults deal with mental illness.

Do you think Kim Kardashian West is a good person to speak out about mental health?

The Drs: Person-To-Person Communication For Better Health

The Doctors then shared that it seems to be harder and harder to get someone on the phone these days. Their Prescription of the Day was to actually talk to someone in person rather than taking the easy way out and using technology.


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