Drs: Blind Man Hiked Machu Picchu + Fat Shaming Or Motivation

The Doctors: Cats’ Fear Of Cucumbers

Do you have a cat afraid of cucumbers? There’s a lot of viral videos out there showing the large number of cats absolutely petrified of the vegetable, but why? It’s not exactly known why they’re so petrified of cucumbers, but Dr Rachael Ross reported that studies have found that watching cat videos is good for your health because it can help reduce stress. Veterinarian Dr Courtney Campbell said the fear likely comes from being scared while eating, not necessarily the cucumber specifically. It’s actually not the nicest thing to do to your cat.


The Doctors: Blind Man Hikes Machu Picchu In One Day

Drs: Blind Man Hiked Machu Picchu + Fat Shaming Or Motivation

The Doctors spoke to a man who is completely blind, yet managed to hike Machi Picchu in Peru, in just one day. (archer10 / Flickr)

The Doctors then highlighted a man named Dan who recently completed a hike at Machu Picchu in Peru, in just one day. It usually takes three days, but he’s the first blind person in the world to complete the task. The Doctors were joined by Dan via Skype, who said the trip was “better than being chased by a cucumber” and said it was fantastic. Dan explained that he was part of a four-person group called See Possibilities, who get together to do “epic endurance challenges” all over the world. He loves the challenge and thanked his team and guides for helping him.


The altitude on the trail goes up to about 14,000 feet, which is why he said it’s probably the hardest thing he’s ever done.

The Doctors: Fat Shaming Or Motivation?

The Doctors then shared a video from a comedian who decided to come out against the term fat shaming, saying it wasn’t really a thing. She thought she was being pretty funny, and said she wasn’t talking about the people with medical conditions, she was speaking to the 35% of Americans who are obese. “Big boned isn’t a thing,” she said. “If we offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m okay with that.”

Was she being motivational or just further fat shaming and hurting those who are a little healthier?

Dr Rachael Ross said she thought it was just mean and made no sense. Dr Travis Stork explained that videos become popular because of the shock value. There’s no doubt she was going for that shock value, and we can only hope that she didn’t genuinely believe everything she was saying. She was likely just trying to get views, which is why Dr Travis had a hard time even showing the video to get her the attention she wanted. As The Doctors said, the video wasn’t even funny, it was just mean. Shaming people doesn’t work, it just leads to bigger problems!



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