Drs: Bizarre E.R. Stories + Collapsed Lungs & Toxic Shock Syndrome


The Doctors: Woman In E.R. With Collapsed Lung

Dr. Travis Stork shared on The Doctors that the E.R. became his home away from home as an adult, but sometimes strange and odd behavior occurs in E.R.s all across the country.

Dr. Amand H. Dorian said what he loves most about the emergency department is that you never know what to expect. He shared that on one occasion, there was a 35-year-old female complaining of shortness of breath. He said when he listened to her breathing, he couldn’t hear any breath sounds on her right side, which was obviously not good. She then told him that she had a collapsed lung, and has had four in total.


The Drs TV: What Is Catamenial Pneumothorax?

Drs: Bizarre E.R. Stories + Collapsed Lungs & Toxic Shock Syndrome

One doctor shared two different bizarre cases that he encountered while working in the emergency room. (Steve Design / Shutterstock.com)

He told her she had to get a chest x-ray but needed to make sure she wasn’t pregnant. Right away she said she wasn’t pregnant, she was menstruating. He was confused as to why such a young girl was having collapsed lungs. He looked at her chart and saw that every month she’d been in the emergency department for a collapsed lung.

He asked her if she had any other medical problems and she said, “Not really, but I have had endometriosis in the past.” He said that was the final tip that he needed. Endometriosis and a lung collapsing every month with your period, is called catamenial pneumothorax. He explained that the lining inside her uterus actually worked it’s way through the abdomen into the space between the lung and the ribs, causing it to collapse. He was able to diagnose it and cure it in just one visit.


The Doctors: Red Hot Rash & Temperature Over 104

Dr. Dorian shared another bizarre E.R. story of a young 18-year-old girl who came into the E.R. completely covered in a red-hot rash. He said her heart rate was over 140 and her temperature was over 104. He explained that all of those things together pointed to sepsis. He said the girl was dying because of an infection and he had to figure out why.

He said a CAT scan was negative, as was blood work and urine. He said one thing that tipped him off was that the nurse told him there was a bad odor when she put a catheter in.

The Drs TV: Toxic Shock Syndrome

He then thought the girl could be suffering from toxic shock syndrome, where a bacteria called staph aureus grows in material that’s inside your body and then starts spreading.

He asked the girl if she used tampons, and she said yes. He then asked her if she left a tampon in, and she said no. He did a pelvic exam and didn’t find a tampon, but instead pulled out an object with a coffee shop logo on it. The girl then explained that she forgot that about a month ago she started her period and didn’t have a tampon, so she used napkin temporarily. She said she forgot to take those napkins out. He said it was without question one of the most bizarre E.R. cases he ever had, where if he didn’t make the diagnosis right away, the patient was going to die.


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