Drs: Bieber Guilt + Boost Language Development & Allergic To WiFi


The Doctors: Older Women Experiencing Bieber Guilt

Any fans of Justin Bieber out there? Are you an older woman who secretly finds Bieber attractive, despite the large age gap? You could be experiencing what’s known as “Bieber guilt.” Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser explained that it’s the same thing as cougar guilt, which is explained with the psychological term cognitive dissonance. Basically, these women are feeling like they’re attracted to Bieber, but it’s not okay.

Dr Rachael Ross pointed out that men don’t experience guilt over attraction to younger women, which is why Stacy advises all women to own their crushes. If he’s of legal age, why should you feel bad just for thinking he’s hot?


The Doctors: Device To Promote Language Development

Drs: Bieber Guilt + Boost Language Development & Allergic To WiFi

If you’re an older woman who’s slightly embarrassed to admit your attraction to Justin Bieber, you could be suffering from Bieber guilt. But is it really that bad? (joebielawa / Flickr)

In another clip, The Doctors took a closer look at a gadget called the Starling which attaches to a child’s clothing and keeps track of how many words are spoken to the child. Language is incredibly important for the development of young kids, but Dr Travis Stork was concerned that the device could become a way for parents to compete. But Dr Ross argued that it could be a helpful tool for parents who truly need to expose their children to more language and conversation. The ideal is 20,000 words spoken to a child per day.


Would you use the device as a parent or do you think it’s a bad idea?

The Doctors: Allergic To WiFi?

Next, it was reported that a 15-year-old girl in the United Kingdom took her own life after suffering from unexplained symptoms including headaches, fatigue, and bladder problems. Her parents believe the problems were caused from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or “WiFi allergy.” Is it really possible to be allergic to WiFi?

Dr Lisa Nagy, an expert in chemical electromagnetic sensitivity, first explained that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is “excruciatingly uncomfortable” and caused by damage to the cells. It means that the person can’t tolerate cellphones, computers, and sometimes WiFi at school, as well as fans, motors, generators, and refrigerators. Dr Nagy further explained that by detoxification and improving the general health of the person, they could possibly resolve the sensitivity problem. Dr Nagy actually suffered from the condition herself.

If a cellphone heats up in your hand but isn’t nearly as hot in someone else’s hand, or if the same thing occurs with ear buds in your ear, you could be suffering from this syndrome. Also if fluorescent lights bother you and a computer mouse becomes cold or painful while using it. Dr Nagy also stated that computers will make people tired and cause them to cross their legs because the nervous system is damaged. Dr Nagy strongly urges that people not allow their cellphone to touch their body and even suggested using a headset.

Do you believe someone can really be allergic to WiFi as Dr Nagy argued?


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