Drs: Beer-Drinking Internship + Mammograms Detect Heart Disease

The Doctors: Get Paid To Drink Beer

Dr Kristi Funk, a surgical breast specialist, and cosmetic dentist Dr Clint Newman joined The Doctors to discuss some hot headlines. They kicked it off by talking about an internship that will allegedly allow you to travel the world and taste beer, all while getting paid $12,000. If you love beer, a Florida-based chain World of Beer, is looking for three summer interns to do just that. If you’re interested, you have to submit a 1-minute video explaining why you should get the job.

Harvard actually found that those who drink beer may be less likely to develop high blood pressure and beer is actually loaded with antioxidants, but they can tend to be a calorie-trap as well. Does this sound like the ultimate internship to you?


The Doctors: Facebook Photo Of Kids’ Bound With Duct Tape

Drs: Beer-Drinking Internship + Mammograms Detect Heart Disease

Would you travel the world and drink all kinds of beer if a company paid you $12,000? The real question is, who wouldn’t? (quinnanya / Flickr)


They then moved on to talk about two little kids in Memphis, Tennessee, after their mother shared a picture on Facebook of them with tape over their mouths and hands. The picture was posted with a caption that said “Kids for sale. 45% off because they [are] bad.” Tennessee Department of Child Services is also investigating, but as Dr Andrew Ordon said, there’s nothing to investigate, that’s clearly child abuse.

Apparently a cousin later posted on Facebook that it was all a joke, but Dr Travis Stork stated “you don’t joke like this.” He also pointed out that those kids will remember that for a long time to come, even if it was all supposed to be a “joke.”

The Doctors: Mammograms To Detect Heart Disease

Switching gears again, The Doctors explained that mammograms could actually be good for more than just breast cancer detection. The test could potentially prevent heart attacks. A study involving 292 women who underwent digital mammography, found that 70% of women who showed evidence of breast arterial calcification also had coronary arterial calcification which is a marker for heart disease. Dr Funk agreed with the research, saying that more research is needed, but calcification of the arteries in the breast is certainly a sign of serious heart problems, but not an automatic determination of heart disease.

Are you more motivated to undergo a mammogram after hearing what else it could potentially do for your health?


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