Drs: Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome + Unconstitutional Tampon Tax


The Doctors: Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

Attorney and legal analyst Areva Martin joined The Doctors to discuss hot health headlines, beginning with one particular woman’s hair salon nightmare. One Southern California woman suffered Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome, a condition that can be caused when the neck is improperly supported in the shampoo bowl. Doctors claim when the woman’s neck was bent backward, it hyper-extended and a vertebrae sliced an artery, causing a clot to form. The mom soon began experiencing weakness in her arm and leg, then later suffered a massive stroke.


The Doctors explained that there are arteries in the neck that could potentially be damaged in specific situations including a massage or therapy. That’s all the more reason to see a professional and work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome is very rare, but it’s still something that people should be aware of.

Areva explained that, from a legal standpoint, it has to be determined if the injury was foreseeable, as well as causation, meaning if there was something in the woman’s medical history that may have caused the stroke other than her visit to the salon. She added that this lawsuit is another reason for stylists to be sure they have insurance to cover accidents in their salon. Everyone should avoid hyper-extending their neck, so support your head with a towel if you need to.


The Doctors: Tampon Tax Unconstitutional

The Doctors then switched gears to talk about what is known around the world as the “tampon tax.” The nickname refers to the higher price of feminine hygiene products, and in a legal first, a group of women claim the tax is unconstitutional. Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that the theory behind the tax is that feminine hygiene products are considered a “luxury item.”

Dr Ashton and Areva Martin argued that it was yet another example of gender discrimination. Dr Travis Stork believes that it’s a “no-brainer” that the tax will  be ruled unconstitutional. A class-action lawsuit has been filed by a group of women trying to get the tax repealed and men, including President Obama, are standing with women saying the tax is unconstitutional.

The Doctors: Gender Stereotypes In Marketing

Speaking of gender issues, The Doctors then held up two packages of string cheese, showing that the full-fat version has a male character on the package, while the reduced-fat has a female character. Areva argued that it was a subtle message to women that they need to eat the low-fat version. Dr Stork reminded everyone once again that everyone is better off going for full-fat dairy products. Little girls in particular can notice those differences and be affected by the marketing.

When the company was contacted about their packaging, they responded by saying “The female character depicted on the Galbani cheese packaging was created in 2008 as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign supporting evidence that foods low in fat may reduce the risk of breast cancer. Following the positive reception of this campaign, Galbani continued to use the character beyond breast cancer awareness month. Our signature stick characters, both male and female, will continue to be used on our high-quality Italian stick cheese packaging irrespective of fat content.”

Do you think the characters were used specifically following gender stereotypes?

The Doctors: Viral Photo Shows How Different Pregnancy Can Look

Switching gears, The Doctors then showed a picture of two pregnant women who look to be at two completely different stages in their pregnancies. Turns out they’re both in their second trimester, and one of the women, a fitness model, posted the picture to her Instagram page to show the healthy difference between her body and her friend’s. The photo is a perfect example of how each woman carries a baby differently. Both women received both positive and negative feedback.

Dr Ashton argued that a picture does not show the health of the fetus or the mother. Not to mention, that’s no one’s business but the mom-to-be and her health care provider. So many factors determine how a woman look during pregnancy.


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