Drs: Battling Anorexia, Bulimia & A Drug Addiction + Intervention


The Doctors: Woman Suffering From Anorexia & Bulimia

According to Dr Travis Stork, approximately 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder and Christina understands their pain after 15 years of battling anorexia and bulimia. When she stars in the mirror, although all we see is skin on bones, Christina points out areas that have “too much” and complain that her stomach sticks out, rather than being completely flat. At her last doctor visit, she weighed just 85 pounds.


Erica, Christina’s sister, explained that Christina has been in and out of rehab facilities since she was 14-years-old. Caroline, Christina’s mom, said the eating disorder has become a part of her daughter. Although her family tells her she’s too thin and doctors tell her she needs to gain weight, she still describes herself as “huge.”

Drs: Battling Anorexia, Bulimia & A Drug Addiction + Intervention

The Doctors staged an intervention for a young woman who was not only anorexic and bulimic, but also an avid cocaine user. (42730198@N08 / Flickr)

Christina remembers her dad putting her brother on diets when they were just 5-6 years old. She was jealous and wanted to be on a diet. When she was 14-years-old, she was considered underweight, so they sent her to the hospital. They told her she had an eating disorder, and she told them they were crazy becaue she needed to lose more weight.


The Doctors: Obsessed With Losing Weight

From the moment Christina wakes up in the morning, she begins obsessing about losing weight. She feels as if she has to burn off what she ate in order to “feel that starving feeling” until she’s so hungry that she’ll “allow herself” to eat a salad, and then she’ll try to go to bed. But then every night when no one is around, she’ll eat in secret and end up binging for over an hour. She’ll eat cereal, ice cream, peanut butter and jelly, and bread, until she’s in the bathroom throwing up for another hour.

She constantly has a sore throat, her hair is falling out, and she hasn’t had a period in four years. The doctor told her if she doesn’t gain even just five pounds, she could die. Her family has tried everything but feel hopeless. “I hate what I’ve become,” she cried. “I just can’t stop. I can’t do it, and I don’t know why.”

The Doctors: Struggling With Eating Disorders

Christina and her mom Caroline joined the show, with Christina in tears. As she watched the segment, she remembered that she had a life before all of this, but yet she still feels so huge and so disgusting, and didn’t want anyone to see her like that. She said “I take up too much space.” She said after going to rehab, it feels like they put a “temporary band-aid on it” and she’ll feel good again, but then she leaves treatment and she’s alone all over again.

Christina shared that she’s been rushed to the emergency room for her heart rate being in the 20’s or 30’s or her electrolytes were off balance. Dr Travis said of all mental disorders, eating disorders have the highest mortality. Every organ is being strained, to where Christina is currently putting her life at risk. Christina said she knows and she gets it, but it just doesn’t sink in. “There’s such a disconnect that the facts don’t register in my brain anymore,” Christina said.

The Doctors: Family Desparate To Save Their Daughter/Sister

Caroline said she’s absolutely petrified and even has to calm herself down in the morning when Christina doesn’t get out of bed, worrying that she’s dead. She’s been told that the throwing up at night could cause a stroke, so without a doubt she’s near her last hope. Christina’s siblings confronted her about a month ago telling her that she needed to get help or they weren’t going to be a part of her life anymore, because they couldn’t sit around and watch her die.

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