Drs: Baddie Winkle, 87-Year-Old Instagram Star Dating Game


The Doctors: 87-Year-Old Instagram Star

The Doctors introduced a woman who has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers and has even hung out with Miley Cyrus. She’s 87-years-old and her named is Baddie Winkle and she’s taking the internet by storm. Baddie Winkle raps and dances and The Doctors were overjoyed to have her on their show. Dr Travis Stork asked for a kiss and immediately got one without question! Baddie’s granddaughter Kennedy is responsible for her grandmother’s styling.

Baddie explained that she lost her husband and had a tremendously tough time with it. Baddie actually moved in with her granddaughter, which she said was sometimes good and sometimes bad!


The Doctors: Dating Game

Drs: Baddie Winkle, 87-Year-Old Instagram Star Dating Game

87-Year-Old Baddie Winkle is a star on Instagram and she joined The Doctors to find a potential date. ([email protected] / Flickr)


The Doctors had heard that Baddie was actually ready to get back out on the dating scene, and explained that they had individuals right there on the show. Th found three eligible bachelors who were waiting backstage. The Doctors had a little fun playing a dating game, first introducing Karl from Knoxville, Tennessee. Karl is a vet and a retired newspaper publisher who enjoys tennis and dancing. Next was John, a former prosecutor who worked on quite a few murder cases. He competes in track and is the best in his age group in the world! Bachelor number three was Steve, who worked as a weatherman in Boise, Idaho. He enjoys tournament poker and writes poetry.

The Doctors: Baddie Winkle Plays The Dating Game

As for Baddie’s first question, she asked “How would you describe the perfect date? And you better not say Netflix and chill!” Karl said the perfect date for him would be a woman that he would treat like he was married to her. Next, Baddie asked John what his best pick-up line was and he said because he used to be a judge and she probably gets herself into quite a bit of trouble he could “probably get her a get-out-of-jail-free pass.”

As for Steve, Baddie wanted to know what his superhero name would be and why. Steve said one of his daughters nicknamed his “sexy G” because he’s the sexiest grandfather of eleven that you’ve ever met.

Dr Jennifer Ashton wanted to ask all three men how they felt about fooling around casually and safely. Karl said it’s only fun if it’s safe because it’s not worth it if you’re going to have to suffer for it after. John said if you have to do it, he refers to what Woody Allen said when he was asked if fooling around was “dirty” and he said “only if it’s done right.” Third, Steve said you can’t get any safer than a monogamous relationship.

So who did Baddie choose? She chose Karl, who was thrilled to come out and join her on the show. He evn gave her a kiss on each of her cheeks before bowing for the audience! The Doctors sent the two of them on a date after the show.


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