The Drs: How To Avoid Pet Parasites + Is Marijuana Worse Than Tobacco?


The Doctors: Hookworms From Pets?

Dr. Travis Stork explained on The Doctors that his mom always forwards him emails and so he wanted to do a segment called “Stuff My Mom Forwards Me.”

The Drs: How To Avoid Pet Parasites + Is Marijuana Worse Than Tobacco?

Is your pal carrying parasites? The Doctors explained how to avoid getting worms from your pet. (iko /


The first one he shared was an email about the possibility of getting hookworms from dog or cat feces. It’s called Cutaneous Larval Migrans and you can possibly get it from your dog. Dr. Courtney Campbell said it’s actually true, saying that you can possibly have Hookworms traveling through your body and to prevent that from happening you should keep your pet on parasite prevention all year long. Your pet should be protected from parasites and you should protect your feet when you go outside.

The Drs TV: How To Avoid Parasites From Pets

Most of the time, people who contract the parasite got it from infected soil or from not cleaning up properly. You can’t get it just from sleeping in the same bed as your pet. Dr. Campbell brought actual roundworms that can bury into your body. The dogs can get them from eating fleas. Dr. Campbell said you don’t have to worry about tapeworms, and you’d basically have to eat a flea in order to put yourself at risk.

Always protect your feet when you go outside, clean yourself off when you come inside, and get fecal checks for your dog at the vet at least twice a year. If you see something that looks like spaghetti in their poop, take them to the vet.


The Doctors: Marijuana Worse Than Tobacco?

Another email making its rounds is an email that says marijuana deposits four times more tar in the lungs than tobacco. Dr. Jim Sears said because there is no filter, he thought it would be worse than tobacco.

When you’re inhaling marijuana, it gets deep into the lungs and it can lead to infection or asthma attacks. There are over 33 chemicals in marijuana that can lead to cancer. So it’s not true that it’s healthier than tobacco.

The Drs TV: Medical Marijuana For Pets?

Dr. Courtney Campbell said there has been a huge push for the use of medicinal marijuana in pets. He said they’re seeing the legalization in a lot of states that leads to more visits due to toxicity because of products left out that the dogs are getting into, as well as people thinking it’s okay to give some of their medical marijuana to their pets.

Dr. Campbell said there’s no first hand smoke for pets, but you certainly don’t want to give your pet marijuana.


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