Drs: Aussie Firefighter Calendar + Jewelry To Protect Women


The Doctors: Australia Calendar

The Doctors turned up the heat with firefighters from Australia who posed for their annual calendar to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The good looking men pose for the Aussie Firefighters calendar, which has been going for 23 years and is reportedly the best-selling calendar in the world. They’re hoping to help research and development to lessen stays in the hospital for sick children.


Each of the men introduced themselves, sharing both their accents and their backgrounds. One of them, of course literally ripped off his shirt revealing his rock-hard abs. Jeff, the cover model, explained what he likes to do at home, including “V-Ups” and standard sit-ups. The Doctors applauded them while all the women in the audience cheered them on, before they each received their own Aussie Firefighter calendar.

Drs: Aussie Firefighter Calendar + Jewelry To Protect Women

The Doctors welcomed a group of firefighters from Down Under who pose for an annual calendar for charity. (calliope / Flickr)


The Doctors: Are Annual Visits Necessary?

The Doctors then moved on to talk about annual doctor visits, which cost a total of around $10 billion each year. But are the visits really necessary? One Harvard professor says no and critics argue that unnecessary testing wastes time, money, and does little to prevent disease. Could annual physicals do more harm than good?

The Doctors said the discussion comes from whether otherwise healthy people need to see their doctor every year because there are many people who certainly should see their doctor at least once a year if not more often than that.

When you’re a child, you see the doctor at least once a year for vaccinations and check-ups, as Dr Drew Ordon pointed out. But once you leave college, there’s a gap between then and the time that you have to begin annual mammograms or other testing. Dr Rachael Ross said the annual doctor visit is a great time to plan your health care in order to prevent issues. Dr Travis Stork argued that at a lot of annual visits, there are tests done that are not necessarily by the book and truly are wasting time and money. If you’re getting the wrong or unnecessary tests, it can lead to a preventable negative outcome. Health care isn’t “one size fits all” as Dr Stork said.

Where do you stand? Should everyone be required to get an annual exam regardless of health?

The Doctors: Jewelry To Keep You Safe

The Doctors then moved on to report that every two minutes, a woman in America is attacked. But now, there’s a simple device that could help keep them safe. The Athena Safety Device creator Yasmine Mustafa explained that it all started when she got rid of all of her belongings including her apartment and went on a solo six month trip across South America. She said for her, it was a life-changing trip, but everywhere she went she heard stories from women who has been attacked. One week after she came back, a woman was putting money into her meter when she was grabbed from behind, pulled into an alley and brutally assaulted. When she heard the news story the next morning, that’s when the idea really came to her.

The Doctors: Athena Safety Jewelry

Yasmine explained that it’s smart jewelry to help protect women. While wearing the jewelry, if they’re ever in a situation where they need help, they can press the button on the device which will emit a loud alarm to surprise the attacker. It’s 85 decibels which is as loud as a freight train. It will also sync to your phone to send emergency text messages to whoever you select with your location. She’s also working on a way to have it call 9-1-1 as well. It tracks you like a GPS device, and they also have a silent mode where you can tap it three times and rather than setting off the alarm, it will just send the texts to alert people silently.

The jewelry is currently discounted at $75 but will ship in the spring and will cost $99 at that time. Do you plan on purchasing the jewelry?


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