Drs: Arrested For Beating Farting Husband + Sneezing On Judge


The Doctors: Woman Arrested For Beating Farting Husband

The Doctors revealed a segment they were calling The Doctors’ Court, in which they would take a closer look at some rather hilarious reasons people landed themselves in legal trouble. First, a 55-year-old Florida woman was arrested and is facing misdemeanor battery charges after getting into a fight with her husband because he farted in the middle of the night. Dr Rachael Ross wondered if you’ve ever been accused of farting on purpose, and Dr Andrew Ordon joked that he does it all the time! She added that it was likely that the husband was “antagonizing” his wife with horrendous-smelling gas.


Dr Travis Stork then shared that the average person passes gas 14 times a day, which is a half a liter of gas. Dr Stork also explained that your body creates gas while you’re sleeping and the sphincter can open up because your body is relaxed, causing you to fart while you’re sleeping. Dr Ordon continued joking that he’s even woken his wife up with the sound of his bodily functions. Foods high in fiber can cause more gas incidences, so be aware that what you eat could later affect those you live with!

Drs: Arrested For Beating Farting Husband + Sneezing On Judge

The Doctors shared some pretty strange yet hilarious stories about people being arrested and charged with outlandish crimes. (v1ctor / Flickr)

Are you guilty of getting into an altercation with a loved one because of passed gas?


The Doctors: Man Tried To Avoid DUI By Eating Toilet Paper

The Doctors then shared the story of a 39-year-old from Iowa who was pulled over by police after he was seen driving on the wrong side of the road. He was described as extremely confused with slurred speech and was detained after failing a field sobriety test. He was taken to the processing room for his breathalyzer exam and to try to cheat the test, he began eating toilet paper. What the man clearly didn’t know, was that it wouldn’t change his blood alcohol level at all.

The Doctors: Arrested For Intentionally Sneezing On Bailiff

They also shared news of a 23-year-old woman from Illinois who was reprimanded during a traffic court hearing because she was speaking loudly and putting her feet up on the bench while the judge was on the bench. She intentionally sneezed right into the bailiff’s face leaving behind a “mucus-type substance.” She was then arrested on charges of battery and spent six hours in jail until she posted $1,000 bond.

As if that was crazy enough, Dr Stork then reported the story of a thief who was caught on surveillance camera at a pet store in Portland, Oregon, stuffing a black python into his pants. He waddled out of the store with the snake in his pants and the employee said the man was lucky it wasn’t feeding day. The snake was actually later returned by a friend of the thief.

The Doctors: National Cancer Moonshot Initiative

The Doctors then aired a Doctors Special Report, showing a segment of President Obama’s State of the Union address. President Obama made it clear that he wanted to make a huge impact on curing cancer before he leaves office. His administration is now requesting $1 billion to fund the National Cancer Moonshot initiative. The FDA and National Institute of Health would receive those funds to accelerate new cancer treatments, detection methods, and to facilitate collaboration with researchers, doctors, philanthropies, patients, and patient advocates.


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