Drs: App To Block Kardashian News + Benefits Of Game Meat


The Doctors: App To Block Kardashian-Related News

It seems like no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’re hit with pictures, videos, or headlines about one or all of the Kardashians. One man came up with KardBlock, an app that filters out all Kardashian-related news from your computer or phone, is now available. So would you download it?

James Shamsi, who created the app, explained that he was on Facebook around the time of a big earthquake in another country, but all he could see was news about the Kardashians and the release of Kim Kardashian’s selfie book. He recognized that it wasn’t right that the celebrity family was overshadowing more important matters.


So far, more than 20,000 people have downloaded the app. James also shared that he has nothing against the Kardashians, even admitting his own father was a huge fan. He has nothing against them as people, but as a brand he has an issue. He recognized that just one tweet by one of the celebrities can generate thousands if not millions of responses.

Drs: App To Block Kardashian News + Benefits Of Game Meat

The Doctors spoke to the man who created an app that allows you to block all Kardashian-related news from appearing on your phone and computer. (evarinaldiphotography / Flickr)


Dr Travis Stork agreed that kids are falling behind in more important subjects because they’re more absorbed in topics like celebrities. James is creating the app to allow individuals to block any individual’s content, whether it’s Justin Bieber or One Direction. It’s all based on keywords. Dr Rachael Ross said a parent should simply take away the phone, because kids will likely find a way around the block.

The Doctors: Eating Wild Game

Moving on, The Doctors shared that Chris Pratt is following a new diet called The Game Plan where for one year, he’ll only eat meats that are caught and killed by him or one of his frends. The post by Pratt went on to say that he would probably still eat eggs, chicken, steak, oysters, bacon, and the occasional burger or sushi. Which makes you wonder how strictly he’s following the diet. Dr Stork then revealed a platter with venison, bison, and elk.

Dr Rachael Ross was totally grossed out, because she actually doesn’t eat red meat. But she shared that she would certainly eat wild chicken or wild fish, while Dr Jennifer Ashton and Dr Stork enjoyed the meat. Dr Stork further explained that humans have been hunting and gathering since the beginning of time, and while it’s not sustainable, game meats tend to be leaner with a higher ratio of omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also free of antibiotics or other preservatives. Dr Stork claimed that if you’re going to eat red meat, choosing wild game is the way to go.

Would you eat wild game?

The Doctors: Ashley Madison Hack Boosted Site’s Users

Moving on, do you believe the phrase “once a cheater always a cheater?” The Ashley Madison hack released information about more than 39 million registered users, but the site claims it has gained more than 4.3 million users since the scandal. In the six months since the hack, careers and relationships were ruined, yet the website is growing by more than one million users a month. Dr Ross reported that 22% of married men cheated at least once, but interestingly enough the study didn’t include information on women. In another study, 74% of men said they would have an affair if they wouldn’t get caught, which is scary.



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