The Drs: Allergic To Pregnancy? + Baby Punching Himself In Utero

The Doctors: Woman Allergic To Pregnancy?

Photos of a mom-to-be in the U.K. recently went viral after she explained that, during her third trimester, she suffered a severe allergic reaction that resulted in a red rash across her body. The headlines claimed that the mom was allergic to being pregnant, but Dr Jennifer Ashton said otherwise. She explained that the woman actually had something called PEP, which used to be called PUPPP. It’s thought to be an immune reaction, but it’s a skin condition.


It’s unknown what causes it, but some believe that it could be caused by the fetal cells getting into the mom’s skin, causing a reaction. It’s usually associated with little to no risk, but some studies have associated it with some high-risk pregnancy issues such as twins or preeclampsia. It’s just another example of some of the things women go through during pregnancy, and some of the possible changes they can experience.

The Drs: Allergic To Pregnancy? + Baby Punching Himself In Utero

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to pregnancy? One viral photo claims to show just hat, but Dr Jennifer Ashton said not so fast! (majcher / Flickr)


The Doctors: Ultrasound Shows Baby Punching Himself

Next, The Doctors shared a video one Kansas couple shared after seeing an ultrasound that appeared to show their unborn baby boy punching himself in the face. Dr Ashton pointed out that, especially during the third trimester, doctors look at the baby’s arms and hands to see what position they’re in, and if they’re positioned as if the baby is ready to throw some punches, they could display a few reflexes. Allegedly, the grandmother worried the baby even gave himself a concussion. Dr Ashton said that’s pretty unlikely, and pointed out that the video showed a healthy baby with good fetal tone.

The Doctors: Pimple Popping Awards

Switching gears, The Doctors then announced they were having their first-ever Pimple Popping Awards. Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee joined the show as Dr Travis Stork explained that they looked back at all of Dr Lee’s pimple popping footage from past years and selected three of the “gnarliest.” They then showed all three and had the audience vote on the winner. Rather than trying to describe in vivid detail, the gross actions in each clip, I’ll instead suggest you watch the video below and see them yourself.

While the audience chose an explosive 24-year-old leg cyst as the winner, you decide for yourself which one deserved the award!


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