Drs: Alcohol At Funeral Homes + Vasectomy With On/Off Switch


The Doctors: Alcohol At Funerals?

A funeral home recently began offering cocktails as an option at their funerals and wake. They got the license to serve liquor but they must serve it with food and only between the hours of 7 AM and 8 PM. Dr Travis Stork said it’s a terrible idea but Dr Jennifer Ashton disagreed because a funeral home is not a place of worship and alcohol is a known part of life. Plus, many cultures celebrate life at a funeral home and alcohol can be a part of a celebration.

When The Doctors asked their Facebook followers if they thought it was a good ideas, 42% said yes, while 58% said no. So where do you stand?


The Doctors: Vasectomy Alternative With On/Off Switch

Drs: Alcohol At Funeral Homes + Vasectomy With On/Off Switch

The Doctors shared news of a funeral home that has begun serving alcohol during funerals and wakes. (intangible / Flickr)


The Doctors then moved on to discuss a new device called the Bimek SLV and urologist Dr Aaron Spitz explained that it’s an insert that is placed between the two cut ends of the vas deferens and while in the open position, would allow flow that could result in pregnancy. In the off position, it would divert the fluid out a side valve into the surrounding tissue, as an alternative to a vasectomy. The switch is built into it and is designed to be externally turned on and off. Dr Spitz said if it could work, it could be exciting, but he’s skeptical about whether it would actually work. It was only tested on the inventor and only worked after a fourth surgery, with no proof of long-term success.

Don’t go holding your breath when it comes to this device! Breath was the word of the day and you can use the word breath on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Venta air purifier and humidifier.

The Doctors: Love Through Weight Loss Update

The Doctors reminded everyone of a young couple who found love through weight loss. Nick and Paris both lost a lot of weight, but Nick was still left suffering when his weight loss resulted in a lot of loose skin. The Doctors surprised him with a free skin removal surgery courtesy of Dr Michael Brucker. The Doctors made sure their cameras were there throughout Nick’s journey. Dr Brucker explained that he was going to do a body lift to fix all of Michael’s loose skin. Nick ended up having about six pounds of skin removed, and he joined the show with Paris to reveal his incredible transformation.

The Doctors: Loose Skin Removal Surgery

The Doctors then revealed the results of Nick’s tummy tuck surgery, showing an unbelievable before and after. The difference is remarkable and Nick said he was feeling 100 times better because his mobility was great. He’s continued his workout regimen, which is why recovery was hard for him, until he was able to work back up to 100%. Dr Michael Brucker explained that he took care of the center section first, before Nick came back a few months later so that he could take care of his chest areas as well.

As a tip for viewers at home, Paris suggested having a weekly routine to stay on track and using friends or social media to stay motivated.

The Doctors: Liquid Aminos Instead Of Soy Sauce

Before the end of the show, The Doctors suggested that you swap out soy sauce for liquid aminos. They’re derived from soy beans and contain essential and non-essential amino acids. If you make the swap, you can consume way less sodium, because soy sauce has more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium while liquid aminos has 320 milligrams. There’s also coconut aminos from coconut.


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