Drs: Addiction Expert Robb Kelly + Supervised Drug Use Facility


The Doctors: Unconventional Methods To Help Addict

The leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. is drug overdose. Addiction specialist Robb Kelly has dedicated his life to helping people overcome the disease of addiction. Dr Robb Kelly is a world-renowned, credentialed addiction consultant who has helped more than 5,000 addicts and alcoholics recover in the last 20 years. Robb is a recovered alcoholic himself, and uses unconventional methods to help addicts fight their addiction head-on. Robb is quoted saying “The problem is not our drinking, it is our thinking” and “Step out of the disease, and into the solution.”


Dr Robb Kelly sat down with The Doctors first showing off his scrubs and sneakers, before getting to the point. He explained that addiction is a very serious disease and topic, which is why he knew he needed to find a way to have a little fun. He likes to wear “crazy colored” scrubs and sneakers “for every hour of the day.”

Drs: Addiction Expert Robb Kelley + Supervised Drug Use Facility

Dr Robb Kelly uses an unconventional approach to help those fighting the disease of addiction, but what really is the best way to end the heroin epidemic? (wstryder / Flickr)

Robb guarantees his patients that he can help them recover and get their lives back, saying he’ll give them their money back if they don’t. Years ago, Robb went from living in a million dollar house to homeless, suffering from addiction and alcoholism. He lived on the streets for nine months when he woke up suffering from withdrawals. It was then that he realized the alcohol was a symptom of the disease, because it was about a mental obsession.


The Doctors: Facility For Supervised Drug Use

While Dr Robb was with them, Dr Travis Stork wanted to discuss news of a mayor in New York who is proposing a plan to address the heroin epidemic in our country. Ithaca, New York Mayor, 28-year-old Svante Myrick is proposing Ithaca offer a supervised injection facility where heroin users can shoot up without getting arrested. While providing clean syringes and treatment programs for addicts, the facility would be staffed by health care providers who would be able to administer an antidote if and when a user overdoses. Successful injection sites exist in Canada, Europe, and Australia, but Myrick’s idea is causing quite a bit of controversy.

Dr Robb first labeled the idea of condoning drug use as “disgusting” and said heroin is an epidemic. He believes that 90-95% of hard heroin users, don’t want to use heroin. He explained that they’re likely using the drugs because they feel like they need it to survive and don’t want to go through the symptoms of withdrawal. He’s actually in favor of a facility that could help people get help, but dislikes the idea of a place that would encourage drug use, by making it seem like it’s a “safe place” to do so.

What do you think is the best way to stop the heroin epidemic and get addicts the help they need?


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