Drs: Activated Charcoal For Whiter Teeth? + Fitness Tracker & Safety


The Doctors: DIY Chocolate Toothpaste?

In another segment of Stuff My Mom Forwards Me, Dr Travis Stork wanted to take on some dental myths that are circulating the internet. Dentist Dr Chris Strandburg first took on the claim that chocolate is better for your teeth than fluoride. There’s even a recipe for DIY toothpaste made with baking soda, coconut oil, clove essential oils, and organic raw cacao or cocoa powder! Dr Strandburg explained that scientists found that a chemical compound in cocoa beans, when isolated, actually repaired teeth and fought cavities better than fluoride found in toothpaste. The problem is that there is just a small amount of that compound found in cacao.

Cacao is good for your health because it’s naturally low in sugar, but you certainly shouldn’t use it as toothpaste!


The Doctors: Activated Charcoal For Whiter Teeth?

Drs: Activated Charcoal For Whiter Teeth? + Fitness Tracker & Safety

The Doctors tackled two dental myths and explained what’s the real deal when it comes to taking care of your teeth. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Next, Dr Travis Stork shared a photo of a woman who’s teeth were covered entirely in a black substance. The idea is that using activated charcoal on your teeth helps scrub away surface stains, making your teeth whiter. Dr Strandburg explained that the problem is that the stains that cause the yellowing of your teeth actually occur under the surface, so scrubbing away surface stains won’t make much of a difference. Brushing with activated charcoal could wear away at your enamel.


Hydrogen peroxide bleaches the tooth below the surface, so you’re much better going with that instead!

The Doctors: Fitness Trackers Revealing Personal Information

Fitness trackers are now more popular than ever, but could something so seemingly innocent actually put your safety at risk? The University of Toronto found that health and location data from a number of popular fitness trackers can be easily leaked and changed to make fake records, letting people know where you’re going, what you’re doing, and when you’re doing it. Lawyer Areva Martin, who uses a fitness tracker, was terrified at the thought of someone tracking her. Just be aware that if you buy a new gadget with a tracker, it could make it easy for someone to follow you. Always read the fine print!

Dr Stork then revealed the word of the day: aroma! You can log onto The Doctors’ website and use the word aroma to enter for a chance to win an EO Products Everyone aromatherapy diffusor kit.

The Doctors: New Bill For Non-Vaccinated Students In Colorado

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that in Colorado, the records of non-vaccinated students are kept by individual schools, but now a bill has been introduced that would require the reporting of non-vaccinated students to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. Parents who opposed the bill say it would invade privacy and bully people into getting vaccines.

The Doctors: Cheryl Tiegs Criticizing Ashley Graham Sports Illustrated Cover

Ashley Graham’s recent Sports Illustrated 2016 Swimsuit Edition cover sparked a lot of controversy thanks to her full figure and curvy body. Graham stated the importance of promoting health for women at every size. Former model Cheryl Tiegs has spoken out against Graham’s size, saying “I don’t like that we’re talking about full-figured women, because it’s glamorizing them.”

Tiegs then tried to defende the statement by quoting a doctor who said your waist should be smaller than 35 inches.

The Doctors: Tina Fey Scarred From Childhood Attack

Actress Tina Fey portrays a journalist recounting her war-time coverage in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the upcoming movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. For years, Fey has kept silent about a childhood incident that left a scar on her left cheek. When she was just 5-years-old, a stranger approached Fey as she was in her front yard, and violently sliced her cheek. She had originally thought someone had marked her with a pen. Fey shared that she worked hard to keep it from affecting her childhood and was a “very confident little kid.”

The Doctors: Hot Sauce To Boost Metabolism & Suppress Metabolism

Beyonce actually keeps a secret ingredient in her bag that can help you get a pop star’s body. What is it? Hot sauce! Spicy peppers and hot sauce contain capcaicin which can boost metabolism and suppress appetite.


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