Drs: 30-Pound Burrito Eating Challenge + Fired Over Flatulence


The Doctors: 30-Pound Burrito Eating Challenge

The Doctors shared news of a brand new restaurant in Brooklyn that is making news for an eating challenge that is offering the winner 10% ownership of the restaurant. Don Chingon is the restaurant, and the challenge requires a $150 entrance free, and then you have one hour to eat a 30-pound burrito made with steak, chicken, pork, rice beans, and salsa. You also have to drink a ghost-pepper margarita along with it.


The restaurant already made it clear they will accept no responsibility for death or illness! You’re disqualified from the contest if you throw up or go to the bathroom. It’s an incredible dense burrito too! They challenged Dr Andrew Ordon to eat just 1/12 of the burrito and he struggled with that! Dr Rachael Ross explained that the average person can eat about a liter of food before they start to feel full. Dr Ordon did say that it was pretty tasty, but there’s no possible way you could eat 30 pounds of food in just one hour.

Drs: 30-Pound Burrito Eating Challenge + Fired Over Flatulence

If you can eat a 30-pound burrito in one hour, you can have 10% ownership of the restaurant that makes it. But is it even possible? (jenarrr / Flickr)

They liked the super spicy margarita though!


The Doctors: Fired For Farting?

While gas could be a possible side effect of eating that much food, The Doctors explained that flatulence was actually at the center of a lawsuit. A 70-year-old man’s wife filed a lawsuit saying her husband was unfairly terminated from his job at a New Jersey pork roll factory last year. He was fired for “excessive flatulence” and his wife is claiming that the firing was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act because her husband is obese and received gastric bypass in 2010, causing the “smelly output.”

Dr Rachael Ross suggested that if you’re having that big of a problem with gas, get a note from your doctor so you can prove it’s related to a medical problem. Dr Ordon actually worked with a man who suffered from terminal flatulence, and those with gastric bypass are prone to excessive flatulence. Dr Travis Stork explained that the man allegedly just shared an office with his wife and they would light candles and open windows.

Do you think the company was justified in firing the man?

The Doctors: “Mommie Dearest” Child Abuse

The Doctors then moved on to report that a 28-year-old Nebraska woman and her boyfriend were recently arrested and charged with child abuse, after the woman allowed her boyfriend to duct tape her 4- and 7-year-old sons to a chair. He allegedly did it while she was out of the home. He then made them watch the 1981 movie Mommie Dearest, claiming they were sick of hearing the boys call their mom “the meaniest mommy” which her own mom forced her to watch.

The woman explained that she chose that movie because it was “Hollywood’s perfect representation of a mean mother.” Dr Ashton said someone should tape her up and make her watch the movie. It’s child abuse, plain and simple. Duct tape on the skin is painful, not to mention that a movie like that is not okay for children that young to watch. The couple was also allegedly withholding food from the children.

The woman was charged with child endangerment and deprivation of food, while the boyfriend was charged with child abuse and false imprisonment.


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