Drs: $15,000 Child Support Request For Wine + Sagging Jowls Fix


The Doctors: Mom Requests $15,000 For Wine As Part Of Child Support

Real Housewife Heather Dubrow joined The Doctors to discuss the latest hot headlines. But first, Dr Jennifer Berman joined everyone else on set by riding in on a new toy horse. Even Dr Travis Stork gave it a try and agreed it was an absolute blast! Dr Berman admitted that it was a bit of workout because of the up-and-down movement needed to make the horse move forward. Without a doubt, the sight was hilarious. The Doctors then turned their focus to news of a woman whose child support request included a $15,000 wine budget.


Dubrow argued that she actually loved the request, because “every mother knows after a long day of watching children, a glass of wine is definitely necessary.”

Drs: $15,000 Child Support Request For Wine + Sagging Jowls Fix

A mom requested an additional $15,000 in child support, specifically for wine, but was she out of line? (slgc / Flickr)

She added that the woman likely enjoys very expensive wine, and suggested that the woman has a right to request the opportunity to continue a habit like she always has, even though she split with her child’s father. What do you think about the mom’s request?


The Doctors: Getting Fit Ruined Marriage

Next, Dr Stork explained that one woman in particular was once a size 18, until she decided to make some changes and become healthier. She now has a six pack and is in the best shape of her life, and her before and after photos are undoubtedly remarkable and inspiring. But the woman claimed that getting healthy actually ruined her marriage. Dr Stork acknowledged that if a couple isn’t in it together, then, for example, a husband can become very jealous which then puts a lot of stress on the marriage. There’s no doubt that the woman began getting a lot of attention that she wasn’t getting before.

Plus, the husband had gotten used to their sedentary lifestyle, often just sitting around drinking wine with his wife. But since she became a lot more active, that connection was no longer as strong. Dubrow actually read into the story and learned that the split was actually a matter of an entire lifestyle change for the woman, which affected the couple despite the fact that they truly love each other. Dr Stork joked that he believes that man was then asked for $20,000 for wine. Just kidding!

Have you ever experienced a friendship or relationship lost because of a lifestyle change?

The Doctors: Non-Surgical Fix For Sagging Jowls

Next, a woman named Andi was introduced,  as she explained that over the last 6-8 years she noticed drastic changes in her face. She feels she looks a lot older than she feels on the inside. She noticed a lot more lines than she used to have, and said her cheekbones and eyebrows are dropping. She also has bagginess around her eyes, jowls, and her neck. She was shocked by how quickly and drastically her appearance was changing. She takes a lot of supplements, fish oil, and drinks a lot of water. She also tried reducing sodium in her diet and uses professional skin care products, but still doesn’t even want her picture taken.

Andi is engaged and planning on getting married this summer, and desperately wants to feel comfortable getting a lot of pictures taken that day. She’s hoping to be able to look back at those pictures and know she looked her absolute best. She joined the show to try a new procedure called the Nova Lift, which is a way to non-surgically lift the jowls. Dr Kian Karimi, a facial plastic surgeon, showed how the procedure works. He used dis-solvable threads to lift the jowls, and had already numbed her so Andi wasn’t feeling a thing. The procedure is typically painless, requires no down-time, and the results are instant! Dr Karimi continued the process and would reveal the results later in the show.

The Doctors: Results Of Nova Lift Procedure For Jowls

Later in the show when they checked back in on Andi they revealed how well the Nova Lift worked for her, and you could already see a dramatic difference in her jaw line. Upon seeing her new look, Andi was brought to tears she was so thrilled with what she saw. Dr Karimi explained that he just used those threads to fixate tissues in a “more favorable position.” The threads will also promote collagen production, and Dr Karimi said the result will likely last Andi about a year. In his office, it costs $1,500, and he said it’s a great option for someone who doesn’t want to undergo surgery, but wants to improve their look.


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